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Thread: Which Is Better,Abena Or Bambino Or Tena Maxi?

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    Default Which Is Better,Abena Or Bambino Or Tena Maxi?

    I have a big problem.I can't figure out which is best for my IC needs.
    Can u guys help me choose?

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    From your other posts, you're familiar with Tena Slip Maxis, so get yourself some sample packs (XP Medical does them for Abenas) and decide for yourself. These are all fine products, so it's going to come down to your personal preference.

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    I used abena extra when they where plastic. I dont like the cloth ones, u can fill moisture trough the backing and the tapes suck. I like the delta forms but they dont meet my demand. Now im trying tena slip maxi.

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    A few years ago, I would have said Abena and Bambino were tied. But now, with the way Abena has been declining, I'd say bambino is probably the best diaper absorption-wise.

    I'm not entirely familiar with the Tena Slips, but they seem like a pretty good option that's sort of a low-medium high high end diaper (whereas stuff like bambino/fabine/whatnot would be the upper high end).

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    Its all a personal choice.
    For me love Bambino's, teddies and bellissimo's the most.

    To me they are more durable, and more comfortable.
    Tena, and Abena were good tho like I said its all personal preference.
    Bambino of I recall correctly carries those as well.

    As said try sample packs to see what you like best.

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    No, it really depends :p

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