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Thread: Opinion on adult parties at locations ment for minors

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    Default Opinion on adult parties at locations ment for minors

    I saw this on the new this morning. Adult "pajama party" in Long Island kids
    In summary there was an adult pajama party held at an establishment meant for kids. There was some nudity involved during the party. The party was an after hours event with no kids involved. The establishment is privately owned and was rented out. After the media and community found out what happened at the party, there has been a negative reaction.

    So there seems to be two main responses.
    1. That event was inappropriate because it should be a safe place for kids.
    2. Good for them.

    What are your thoughts on this issue? Should adults be able to rent out an establishment, meant for minors, and do what ever they like? Or do you side with the angry parents?

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    I find it impressive that people can get worked up about stuff like this. It's perfectly fine.

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    The way I see it if things like this are going to go on, which they apparently will anyway, there has to be some sort of risk mitigation. I'll go ahead and get some more information on the event before continuing this post. (time is 21:56)

    Time: 22:14

    It sounds as though the mistake became a debacle when the public found out about the event. I feel, however, that the owners and staff took as many precautions as they could, even thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the location afterward. It was after hours and the source made it sound like the entire party was in a private room, still another step to prevent children's wandering eyes from peering in. No local codes were broken and ownership has released a public apology, so I don't feel there should be any further consequences.

    Do not misunderstand me in my defense of the facility. I strongly frown upon these sorts of lewd actions but understand not everyone takes a negative stance on these matters. It is fruitless to try and prevent them. The only reasonable action is to ensure safety and privacy of the partygoers and children alike, which I feel the business did.

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    Well there were no kids and after hours so how was it not safe.
    Ok no play with the wife then its not safe for the kids keep it out of your home .
    Same thing hmmmm double standard some one making something out of nothing dont you love the news .

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    I think it would be weird to have your birthday party (or whatever) at a place that's meant for kids during normal operations. Not during normal operations? Go for it. I fail to see how this makes it any less safe a place for kids.

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    You know what's more disturbing than this? In millions of houses across the world, young children are sleeping mere metres away from couples engaging in all kinds of smut and filth... even kissing on the lips and (gasp) engaging in acts of procreation!!!

    I recently read a news report saying how a family room in a hotel was rented out to newlyweds... who had the audacity to lock the door and take off their clothes in a room that children have used! Disgraceful! People were outraged, and the hotel now insists that children are kept out of the love dens and are chained up in the hallways overnight. That's a step in the right direction, but it's not enough. If we really value our children, we would chain them up outside the hotel.

    When my best friends had their second child, I made it clear to them: I'm not visiting their den of iniquity until they clean all of the sex out it. Even with their new carpets and air-purifiers in every room, it makes me uncomfortable. My mate even refuses to be castrated! How can he bring up children with that thing dangling between his legs?!

    I don't know why social services let them keep their first son when his parents were having orgies only a few rooms away. Apparently they got naked every night!!! It's disgusting: every time I see their newborn son's innocent smiling face and cute blue eyes, you know what I think? Ejaculate!!! Oh, the shame of his very existence! How grotesque to be born out of an act so... unacceptably taboo!

    Just think about it: how many people do you know with younger brothers or sisters...? Exactly. It's an epidemic! Sex and nakedness is everywhere, even in the very homes of our own children! We must stop the menace at once! Children should be free to live in a world where sex doesn't even exist at all. They should have no idea what a naked body looks like -- even their own.

    Adults wanting to engage in lewd behaviour should be permanently moved to "adult-only" zones and sterilised. And any adults with children should be moved to "child-safe" zones, males castrated, and all forms of nakedness would be banned. Clothes would be surgically stitched to the body in compulsory "decency operations". It's the only way to save the human race from plunging into pure depravity. I bet our grandparents never had sex.

    Oh... so no one had sex at the event, and mostly people danced about in their pyjamas and played games? Well... I bet everyone was thinking about sex! And that's just as bad! How can these people think about sex whilst dancing to music and playing games in a building where children have once been? No wonder there's an outcry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxkits View Post
    Well there were no kids and after hours so how was it not safe.
    Ok no play with the wife then its not safe for the kids keep it out of your home .
    Same thing hmmmm double standard some one making something out of nothing dont you love the news .
    I was left thinking along these lines too... the lewd and tawdry things that caused the child to be conceived in the first place...still likely happens in the home...where a child now lives... one should think...not in the child's immediate presence...

    We'd all most of us be better off not knowing that whomever 'boinked' the Chuck-E-cheese statue fellow after hours...the mob of germs and who knows what all those snotted nose types leave behind...I do so hope the establishment is being thoroughly, and properly cleaned! ...whatever happened... Sounds like some kind of superstition to they mean nudity, or a full on orgy? I could see the latter being a bit touchy for the more 'proper' sort...raising a stink about it to the press...this is what you're worried about?!! Really?! Good luck to them...


    and... tiny

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    I have no issues with it, I mean personally I'd probably not want to get naked at a place like that but eh. I did love the people worrying about it being sanitary, I'd be more worried for the adults who had the party there, imagine how many germs they probably got. Still had a bit of a laugh people thinking it is unclean now, not when it is normally when it is filled with a bunch of germ ridden kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Long awsome text snip
    I agree completely and most awsome reply ever

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