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Thread: Yet another countries brand is cooler than the USA

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    Default Yet another countries brand is cooler than the USA

    Because I love Sulley so much I decided to try to look for fan art of sulley in a diaper and i must have been doing it wrong because i found nothing in that reguard but I found this guy on Flickr who lives in Mexico I believe and has diapers that once again prove that all the other countries have cooler diapers than the US.

    Sulley | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Madagascar! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    He also said they made kung fu panda diapers which I'd love to have but i just wanted to share that with you all because why not?

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    those are cool! I wish they would use different cartoons. Tired of mickey mouse

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    What can be better than this brand from Spain (Chelino)? Even there is an app for facebook to design your own design.

    Website: Paņales | Chelino Fashion & Love (the site is only in spanish.. so use a translator :P)

    The Facebook app:

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    I think we're overdue on this board for a "coolest designs" thread. A lot of store brands have really cute prints, too... Target's brand has monkeys, if I remember right.

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    But the cool thing about plastic back diapers is that you can draw your own designs on them or use stickers to decorate them

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