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Thread: bought depends at dollar general

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    Default bought depends at dollar general

    Lol I went to dollar general to buy a pack of depends until I can get some premium diapers and I diddnt have enough for them so a lady gave me the Monet and looked me in the eye and said "god bless you sweetie" I was so embareesed that I just said thank you and left......I'm still shaking

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    Hah! I don't think she'd have been so charitable had she known your true intentions, bit then again she might have been more perceptive than we know. At least you got them. Bring more money next time.

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    Yeah lol I thought I had enough, but ill make sure time for sure

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    This is true lol....but as someone who is unemployed, they are all I can afford

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrABDL View Post
    duude depends suck
    I like Protection with Tabs just fine for what they are: a low capacity diaper that feels right. I keep them in myu stash right next to Bambinos, Abenas, and Fabines. I like to use the right tool for the job. In any event, they're going to be better than toilet paper and plastic bags, so try being more supportive for someone just starting out.

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