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Thread: How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

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    Default How your boyfriend/girlfriend reacted to your diapers

    Hi, i'm new here & this is my 2nd post I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place etc.

    I recently told my girlfriend about my diaper fetish, and she reacted really great & was very understanding & everything. Which got me curious, what are the normal reactions people get when they tell their girlfriend/boyfriends about their fetish. Obviously, if you're with somebody who's into diapers the reaction wouldn't be that much of a surprise. So please, only answer if you're with somebody not with a diaper fetish(that you know of at least). If you don't understand the question behind my rambling, basically; when you told your boyfriend/girlfriend about your diaper fetish, how did they react?

    Again, if this was posted in the wrong place I'm sorry! I'm new & just trying to get active.

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    Well I have told several girlfriends in my lifetime and they have all reacted positively for the most part.

    I find that if you take your time and are methodical in your approach it is not such a big deal. I think we assume the worse and feel that our fetish is the worst thing in the world. I have even tempted a couple to try it with me and have a go, one even wore herself, which was nice.

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    Shocked at first, but over time she has become very supportive and even babies me now and then.

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    My girlfriend reacted somewhat negative at first, she did not understand why and thought it would threaten the relationship. However after a couple of weeks she accepted it and we now talk about it openly. I must add that I do not ask her to participate, I actually do not want her too. It's a private thing.

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    i told my wife and few months ago and she was really not into the idea of me wearing and she still isn't but she lets me wear while she isn't home so that progress i would say we did recently test something out witch was me diapered while she is home but i wasn't in the same room and when i asked her the next day she said she was very uncomfortable with it so wont be doing that any time soon i hope it gets better.

    i would love fer her to try wearing diapers too but i don't see that happening at all i find it incredibly sexy when women wear diapers its awesome

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    I haven't told my bf about the diaper loving/wearing part yet. I have told him about being a little though. I told him it was like this one game we both love. It's called Persona 4 Golden. In this game, these characters have certain personas they are ashamed of, but they learn to accept after fighting with their other self that's formed as a shadow of their doubts inside. So, I told him that way, and he seems to understand the little/AB part a little better because of that explanation.

    I'm kind of afraid of explaining the DL part because I don't know how he will react to it. I just don't want him to get the wrong idea and think it's some kind of sexual fetish or fantasy or something. Like, he has to become part of that lifestyle to make me happy. It'd be really hard to explain it to him. D:

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    well lokiofsassgard you tell him soon rather then later i regret not telling my wife before we got married and now its awkward times atm because its considered a weird thing but we are getting through it and yeah i really think should tell him sooner and leave it on his mind don't push anything

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    My wife stumbled across some diapers after we'd been married almost 13 years. She was a bit irritated about the secrecy, but neutral on the diaper thing. She has not expressed any interest in participating, nor do I think I'd want her to. And, as we have kids who really don't need to know, I still try hard to keep everything to myself.

    I know it's a common opinion that one ought to tell a significant other or prospective spouse about this stuff ASAP. Generally speaking, I disagree. If you're an AB who feels he needs to be interacted with while in Baby Mode, then by all means shoot straight, as you're going to be miserable in the long run without that. On the other hand, if diapers are simply an accessory to something you'd be doing in private anyway -- masturbating, for instance -- then telling is a questionable thing to do, IMO. Just because you are in a serious relationship, your expectation of privacy should not disappear utterly.

    Also, if you don't expect or want a partner's involvement, then as I see it, you're sending mixed signals by bringing it up out of the blue. Especially early on in a relationship, the things your partner learns about you are going to be subject to wild extrapolation in that person's mind, hence the importance of the old saying about putting your best foot forward. The sooner you talk about diapers, the more important they will seem. Are they important enough that they need to be mentioned sooner rather than later? That depends on you.

    I hindsight, I've decided that I don't feel in the least bit guilty about keeping it a secret for as long as I did. 13 years of not seeing diapers really put the diapers in their proper place more than any verbal explanation could have.

    ABDL means something different to each of us, so there can be no one-size-fits-all advice.

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    My last ex girlfriend was the first person I've ever told, and it went pretty well. I just told her why I liked wearing diapers, what appealed to me about them and that it made me happy. She was willing to give it a try and we did involved them a bit, either wearing together or having sex with them or playing games involving them. It was actually her idea to get a bonnet and pacifiers for role play. After a while I got curious to see if there was an AB side, and after asking her to bottle feed me and the like, that's when she got turned off by it and things got rocky with it. I realized AB is not for me at all, but the mental barrier became too much for her to overcome anymore.

    I've also told a couple of my closest female friends and none have had a problem with it. They pretty much all asked questions and will occasionally work it into conversations here and there, which is nice because I know I have my friends to chat it up with.

    As long as you don't abuse it and just have it be a part of you, and not the only thing you talk about, or you become obsessive about it, you're fine. If you make it weird, people will get weirded out, but if you are still the same person your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend knows and loves, it won't change anything because the right people will always care about you.

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