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Thread: Laxatives?

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    Default Laxatives?

    does anyone have experience with them? What kind of mess do they produce?
    I freaked myself out by reading side effects.. I do that a lot.. advise?

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    My advice - Don't do it. There are a lot of side affects for prolonged use of laxatives. There are many fibrous foods like prunes or prune juice that can give you the same results and yet give you some nutrition. Laxatives dehydrate you and can make your food pass before all the nutrients have been absorbed into your system. On a minor scale, you never know when they might kick in - you may not be padded or near a bathroom.

    BUT...Previous advice on ADISC from other members say to do it OCCASIONALLY is OK.

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    I say stay away from laxatives. If you are regular you don't need them. If you do get constipated an enema works the best as doesn't upset the
    stomach. Laxatives can be a messy situation even in a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I say stay away from laxatives. If you are regular you don't need them. If you do get constipated an enema works the best as doesn't upset the
    stomach. Laxatives can be a messy situation even in a diaper.
    Exactly. Laxatives can be very bad when not appropriately used and can lead to negative effects down the road. Fleet enemas work quite well. Be careful not to over do that either though...

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    Laxatives are unreliable in making a "mess" like you intend and can cause problems such as dependency if not taken as intended. Higher doses make the side-effects more likely and much worse. "May cause cramping" could easily translate to sever pain requiring medical attention. Reading the label should make someone rethink taking a laxative for good reasons. My experience tells me to avoid them when possible.

    To make a mess in a short time, an enema is best. Fleet makes some good disposable enemas which are quick and easy. Within 15 minutes, your bowels should have already squirted out. A reusable enema kit allows you to use different nozzles and mixtures to adjust the enema for the desired effect. Just be careful where you get the directions and where you get the water. Some people put bad ideas on the Internet. The bag style enemas allow a diaper to be placed over the nozzle to hold it in place and makes for a huge, runny mess since the liquid keeps filling even while the person is expelling into the diaper. The diaper must be able to hold more than the enema quantity to prevent leaks if this is done. Even with a diaper, plan to clean up a mess regardless of the enema used. Absorbent underpads under the person are almost manditory. The balance of solids and liquids in the bowels will be upset for a while. A fleet enema can cause runs to occur up to 8 hours later. Larger enemas go further up the colon and upset things longer (24 hours or more). However, a good, thorough enema feels really good and relaxing once the bowels are done emptying.

    Another option is natural food and beverages. High fiber foods increase softness and frequency. Yesterday, a doctor suggested pears and apples for softening things up. Bananas help cause constipation which was information I could have used before yesterday. Another good option is apple juice. I am currently sipping my second quart this afternoon and probably will not be constipated again any time soon. With juice, the sugar content may cause a problem for some people. The apple juice I found on sale today contains 28g of sugar (110 cal) per 8 ounce serving and has 8 servings (880 cal) per 2 quart (1.89L) bottle. Starting at the mouth end can upset things for over 24 hours and may take anywhere from 1/2 to 6 hours (from Epsom Salt label) to 6 to 24 hours (other laxative labels) for first effect. Food and beverages have not been tested for their messing effect and dosage so what ever you do will be experimental. Some foods can cause severe cramps in sufficient quantity.

    I have been taking a stool softener as prescribed for the past few weeks and was still stopped up. Yesterday, a doctor directed me to take a daily dose every 6 hours until a healthy movement occured and suggested an enema for faster results. A Fleet enema with the softener still did not get the bowels moving. A large home-enema got things flushed out enough last night to sleep, but still not empty. Today, my bowels were still not moving much until I added Epsom Salt and apple juice. While typing this response, I had to run to the toilet 5 times to squirt liquid; things are moving now... From past experience, I know it will be over 48 hours before my bowels are regular again. Until then, my rear will be covered with disposable padding.

    So, what is your goal for a mess? How long can you deal with the after-effects of what happened to your bowels? My recommendation would be to start with a healthy, high fiber diet and occasionally use enemas for quick results. Fleet enemas are ok for infrequent (less than 1 per 2 weeks) use, but too many can inflame the colon (bad experience). Water enemas or enemas with mild ingredients cause much less irritation and can be used more often. Be safe and have fun.

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    be careful with castor oil enemas.. their sneaky..

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    If used sparingly, its alright, I would suggest you to keep hydrated for better comfort and results. Enemas can be used once in awhile as well, as this will drain you of the natural lubricant in your intestinal tract.

    I have tried different things and they've give different results. Magnesium Citrate is very effective. It's a liquid that you drink, kind of salty, but works. You'll pretty much be a ticking time bomb, when the feeling comes that you need to go, you don't have much time to find a toilet. It takes about 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the constipation.

    Most laxatives are petty much slow to work or just soften the stool a little bit.

    Mini Enemas (liquid suppositories) are pretty effective as well and the outcome will be pretty immediate.

    Suppositories are just as effective and only take a few minutes to dissolve.

    If you want to feel messy without the stink, oatmeal is pretty good, the amount of water used to make it , will determine the consistency, its a very healthy option as oatmeal is great for your skin.

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    If you follow the instructions on the box you should be fine, i have done it hundreds of times over the years and the only problem I ever encountered was a few days later the number 2's got quite hard and made my eyes water lol

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