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Thread: looking o t get my first reall diapers

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    Default looking o t get my first reall diapers

    hi i ma still new to the diaper wearing and i am looking to get some good diapers and get in to this fuel time. the diapers i want to get are Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! but not sure which ones to get i don't want tenas and prefer no print but if hat is what i have to get that is what it will be. some thinig to keep in mind i want to be able to pee in these diapers all threw out the day so they need to hold up good and i need them to be at a good price

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    If you are looking at the Bambinos and are ok with that price, get them. I just got some today and they are mind-blowing-ly soft. I haven't tried them yet but there general consensus here is they are some of the best, especially if you want to use one all day.

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    Um the BIANCO's have no print i have never used them (i get the teddy's) but Bambino's are the Noisiest diapers i have ever seen so if you want to be discreet DO NOT buy a Bambino. but if noise don't bother you Bambino's are the best ive ever tried.

    my sugestion get a combo sample pack before you buy large ammounts in one size they may not fit the way you like. my waist is 38 (god i feel fat typing that) so acording to Bambino the Mediums Fit me perfectly. but i had issues with the tapes being short they wouldnt reach the landing zone (thats what i call the area the tapes attach to) sometimes if i fit it to be comfortable thee tapes would be on the Soft plastic and some movement would rip the sides. now if i stretched them to the proper place they would be very tight and the tapes would sometimes snap. so i go one size larger and the tapes reach where they need to the fit is tight enough to prevent leaks and loose enough to be comfortable and as an added bonus it can hold more liquid than the mediums so i can weear them longer.

    but if you need to be discreet the Abena M4 Cloth make absolutly NO NOISE. but do have downfalls of all cloth diapers, they will over time strech, not enough to create leaks, i can go an entire day in one wetting as much as 3 or 4 heavy as long as i dont mess it will be fine for an entire day. now i will warn you about tapes on cloth, They have yet to adapt the way Baby diapers have so the tapes are kinda Bad and will wear out fast but slap on some additional tape (Duct tape is what i use when wearing for a long time) and they will last for an entire day with out coming off.

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    i will only be getting them wet is there some other option out there that would be better for a good price that holds up nice and is not noticeable

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    like i said there are two options

    No Noise
    minor stretching
    tapes don't hold up for very long
    more comfortable
    breaths better (in warm to hot climates)

    * Plastic:
    doesn't stretch
    tapes are better than cloth
    not as comfortable as cloth
    HORRIBLE in temps above 65F
    Doesn't breath.... like at all.

    given those points that are important to me as far as long term wear i prefer the cloth backed for comfort short term plastic are fine but i sweat like a stuck pig in plastic backed they get more soggy with sweat than anything else

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    What would be a good diaper at a good price that doesn't brake the bank

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    based on what you previously stated you want something Discreet, holds up well to wetting, and decent priced, and no print.

    I'd say Abena M4 Cloth is the closest you'll get to that.

    Heres the Link directly to the M4 Cloth.
    Abena Abri-Form Premium (Cloth) : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    OP, I would stick with Bambino Bianco's. Order a sample pack first to determine size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quartz200420012 View Post
    OP, I would stick with Bambino Bianco's. Order a sample pack first to determine size.
    he said not noticable. i know for a fact if you wear a bambino in public EVERYONE will hear it. ive got called out on it before

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