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Thread: What kind of vday card should I get

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    Default What kind of vday card should I get

    I have an awesome daddy and I call him new to being a little and I was curious if you got your daddy or mommy an adult card or a card from the kid section?

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    Well personally I think it would be cute to get one from the kids' section, one that says ''To Daddy from Your Daughter'' or something like that.

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    I like to give people I love people Valentine's cards that you buy for a kid giving cards to their whole class, and write little personal messages to the person I'm giving it to on it. Just the right vibe for me though. ^_^

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    I think I might make a card for my mommy instead of buying one

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    Hmm.. Me thinks breaking out the crayons and coloring one would be the funnest option. Do some hearts and a little poem or heartfelt blurb, maybe write some letters backwards for effect. Oh, and don't forget your Xs and Os for good measure. You know what? I'm gonna go get started on Daddies card right now!

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    I got him a peanuts card that said daddy on it.i also got a cute disney one so he can show his mom if she asks

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