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Thread: What Inspired you to come out and let others know who and what you are?

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    Default What Inspired you to come out and let others know who and what you are?

    A simple question with a billion unique answers. For me it was a fortune cookie, in it a simple 5 word phrase: "be yourself, you are magnificant". So my question is simple, what helped you "come out of the closet to family and friends" so to speak?
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    This is a very personal journey that many here have taken, you feel alone, you feel there is something wrong with you, you worry what your family, friends and others will think of you if they ever found out. You have this 'dirty' secret that can at times consume you. You have this secret hiding place under your bed or in your closet filled with things that mean so much to you but mean nothing in the real world.

    I was about 24 when I first told someone about my fetish. I am not really an AB, I just like diapers to be honest. I have a few baby bits but very rarely use them, if at all. I was happy at first to just get on with things myself and thought that keeping it secret was better than telling anyone. I was living with a few friends and had girlfriends and everything was okay. A couple of girlfriends would ask me if everything was okay and that I seemed distant all the time. I knew they realised that I was not telling them everything about myself, I think woman are quite good at noticing these types of things. It soon started to become apparent that my relationships would always break down because I was unwilling to open up to anyone, I was hiding myself from the world and it was now starting to affect my life in ways it had not before.

    I was getting down about my place in the world, I was feeling very disconnected from society and happiness was starting to drift away. I thought long and hard about how to get my life back and enjoy being with girlfriends again. It soon became obvious that I would never be a complete person without letting someone in and divulging the real me to people. I had this huge burden on my shoulders, it had consumed me and I felt alone, even though I had friends around my all the time.

    At this time I had a friend who was very close and although we were not officially dating we would have some fun from time to time. She cared about me and had lots of time for me as well. She had asked a few times if I was okay and that it seemed that something was wrong. It was at this time I decided I would tell someone about my fetish. I did not tell anyone close right away, but instead tried a practice run with another girl I just started seeing a few weeks previous. It went well, I had planned in my head what to say, I did not go into massive details. I just explained it was a fetish and I like wearing diapers and girls that wore them too. After she went home I never heard from her again.

    I was not deterred by this and still knew that I had to explain this part of me to someone. The girl I mentioned earlier, that I was close with, invited me to her home town for the afternoon and I excepted. I decided I was going to tell her everything as I thought she would be receptive and understanding. I put a diaper on under my jeans, I wanted to go the whole way, I felt this was the only way to be finally release myself from my invisible prison. We met up and was having a quick drink. I was a wreck, it was obvious and the girl asked me to tell her what the matter was. I took a deep breath and explained the whole thing. I was nervous and took my time, but was careful not to go into details as I wanted to be clear and to the point. It felt so good to tell someone that cared about me my secret. I felt as though the whole world opened up and seemed shiny and new. My friend was very surprised but did not freak out. She was glad I had told her and said it was not a big deal at all, and that we all have fetishes.

    I then took her hand and put it under my shirt and let her feel the diaper. She was shocked I had worn one out and about but was also laughing at the idea od her friend wearing one. She did ask the inevitable question about if I like kids etc. I reassured her I just like adult woman who wore them too. I was worried about her reaction but was so relieved when she took it so well. That day I let her see me in the diaper, it was the first time, since I wore for bedwetting, that anyone had seen me like this. The next day we went to a local Mothercare and bought a changing mat and baby stuff. She actually changed me and fed me a bottle, it was the most amazing time of my life up to that point. I have since realised I am not really into the baby stuff but the memories are still amazing. I have now been comfortable telling close friends and subsequent girlfriends about my desires and realise that it is not such a big deal. I just know to only tell people that I can trust or have fetishes of their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywishes View Post
    A simple question with a billion unique answers. For me it was a furtune cookie, in it a simple 5 word phrase: "be yourself, you are magnificant". So my question is simple, what helped you "come out of the closet" so to speak?
    I have only told two people face to face. The first was a person whom I'd met in an online chat room and was traveling to my area. We met for dinner one evening and talked about it. But that was a one night only visit.

    The next was my future wife, who was initially intrigued and receptive; that was 35 years ago. We played occasionally, but after a year and a half or so, she was no longer interested; it didn't do anything for her. We are still married, and raised two wonderful children. I continue to play alone when the opportunity presents.

    I have chatted online with many, but that is as far as it goes for me now.

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    About being a transgender, the answer is much sweeter... just a strong desire to be me. I didn't want to feel like I was wasting my whole life being miserable and sad and alone.

    About being involved in AB/DL.. I didn't have a choice. My mom told everyone for me.

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    I will tell anyone who wants to know that I am incontinent but I will never bring it up. It is my business and no one elses. I am lucky that I also love my diapers and enjoy wearing them. I love never worrying about where a bathroom is located anymore.

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    I've never hidden my ic...friends knew, family...

    As for ab, gf's know...

    Same as bdsm...who it affects will know...

    But, I don't Cary a billboard with me stating what I do and like...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DexxKizwizard View Post
    I am not really an AB, I just like diapers to be honest. I have a few baby bits but very rarely use them, if at all.
    You and me are so alike it's scary...though of course I've only told family members and females wise I've only told one friend who's a girl. This is going to get a bit poor me but I'm 20 years old and I've not been in one serious relationship...I've not even had 'that' first kiss. It's entirely my own doing - I have some major issues and was genuinely asexual (not attracted to either sex) until around the middle of 2011...I feel I'm getting a bit off track as usual. In terms of coming out to people yeah I've done it concerning best friends (family members are a given) - I don't like lying to my best friends F.I if we're going to be friends my vanilla acquaintance you kinda need to know this - but I'm yet to tell potential girlfriends. You never know though, I'm young, good looking (apparently), up for a good time and not a complete shut-in. On the subject of time perhaps it's just a matter of!...We can all dream if you ask me. bringmesunshine

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    In regards to being transgender, it'd be my best friend encouraging me that there wasn't actually something wrong with me. And, when my boyfriend admitted to me that he was trans, it just seemed to fit together and be open with it.

    As for AB/DL, I've almost never done it by choice. The only time I was actually open with it was telling it to my boyfriend. And, that was only when he also showed knowledge of it when telling me he had really good friends that were ABs. My mother discovered my diaper stash, and I couldn't think of a lie so I told her the truth. And, I misjudged the length of a dress and my best friend caught a glimpse and she thought it was adorable, so I didn't try to lie about it.

    I'd say AB-wise, I haven't really been inspired to come out because I still hide it quite a bit. :p

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    I discovered when I was 12 or 13 I'm not alone in this. Come out ? Depending when, where and which kind of people... Just as my life is lot of changes, so there's a few people, who know about my kink (because they've the same or some similar kink) and another people, which knoe abpout my kink "without my autorization." These second group prefere out of my life (not always sucessfully done,) because they can abuse or abused knowledge about my kink to fuck me up. Lesson to learn ? Privacy, privacy and more privacy. And sharing kinks with kinky people, not with ignorant vainillas.

    Just I started share a few things in the internet because I thought it'd be helpfull for someone.

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