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Thread: Abena L4 improved or still bad?

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    Default Abena L4 improved or still bad?

    Before i switched to bambino i was using abena L4 and it seemed like all the diapers had pin holes in the front plastic i was wondering did they fix this problem or is it the same? I did buy a pack of 14 today hoping it will be a good pack

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    I've been through several cases in the past couple of years and have never had a problem.

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    Haven't experienced pinhole leaks with Abena and although I much prefer the plastic backing, as do most ABDL's, in the UK I still consider them the best.


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    Honestly I am surprised that anyone does not like them. I was under the impression that at least people had a neutral outlook on them and I personally have liked them. they certainly hold a lot that's for sure and they don't leak unless you flood them with several gallons of whatever from my point of view.

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    I had one bad bag of them in a case a few years ago, but never had one since. The same season i had a few Molicares with pin holes. I think someone at the time said there was a SAP supplier problem with the shape of the granules poking through the plastic, or something... anyways, no leaks sense then.


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    Yeah, I've had a few bad bags some years ago, but I haven't had a QC issue with em in the past 2 years.. before then though....
    one bag had tapes of one diaper mis stuck to the bottom of another, over and over.. took pictures and sent em to Gary at XP, he sent me a new case. then there was the pinhole leak debacle. and yes, it was across several premium brands, then there were a few cases where the lower right tape refused to stay attached. a big reason why I moved to Dry 24/7's. Fortunately and strangely, they seem to have improved since Dry left the scene (permanently?!) I'm likely going to move on the XP's new line due to costs, he really did his homework on em.

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    I just got some in and they seem fine to me. No unwanted leaks.

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    The last case I bought (probably 3-8 months ago) was definitely worse than the previous cases of them I have had. Hopefully it was just one not so good batch.

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    Personally it's my diaper of choice. Never had them leak under most circumstances. They will occasionally after heavy wetting when laying in bed on side. Even still not much leakage. They definitely are a nice thick diaper, which holds well. My DL side really enjoys the thickness of them too. I buy the plastic backed one and never have issues with them leaking through the front. Biggest caveat, the tapes are awful. I usually need to readjust at least one side when diapering myself, and the tapes are not really useable again. Otherwise I really like them, especially at home. I wish I could buy bambino, but I can use FSA money for medical grade kind.

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