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Thread: Remember your first cardboard box ?

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    Default Remember your first cardboard box ?

    Just wondering if anyone can remember there first cardboard box

    I turned it into a robot & a car hehe

    anyone else ?
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    I totally thought you meant computer.

    That would be a Packard Bell 386 running DOS 5.

    Uh, I guess a cereal box? or something like that?

    EDIT: Way to edit your post and not mention it so my post makes no sense .
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    I had a fridge box, I made it into a time machine.

    I was king of the cul de sac, until it rained and ruined my box.

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    Oh man, yeah. My first box was a refrigerator box and I think I made it into a fort, it's great how something as simple as a cardboard box can keep kids entertained for hours on end. I miss those days.

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    Not my first box, per se, but I did pretty much the same thing with all my boxes. :3

    I basically turned them into a command center-slash-spy homebase. I cut out a tiny rectangle at eye-level, but only on three sides so I can fold it back and close it. And I drew buttons and lights and screens inside.

    It was pretty epic.

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    I have no clue...But they are always fun to play in if you can fit

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    definitely used to make cars and all sorts of different "machines"

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    I remember taking a box with my older brother and decorating it to look like dice. He put me in it and I held the flaps shut and he rolled me around a few times in the living room.

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    My parents got a new refrigerator when I was 6 years old. I played with another 6 year old, and the old refrigerator box became our space ship. It was a wooden box, like the one on Christmas Story, only bigger. We rode it, sitting on top, and went inside it. We had so much fun.

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    I had a fridge box, I made it into a time machine.

    I was king of the cul de sac, until it rained and ruined my box.
    Read that as a story, stealage?

    I don't really remember playing with boxes, I might have actually played with what was in them more.

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