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    Hi All!

    My name is Baby Davie and I'm an Adult Baby from the North East (Delaware to be exact). I've monitored this forum for a long time and never posted but have decided to finally contribute. It would also be good to see if there are any others like me in this area.

    I've been an AB all my life; as long as I can remember. My first experience was when I was about five or six and I was playing house with my sisters. As luck would have it, they convinced me to be the baby and I had to ear a cloth diaper and plastic pants. I can even remember what they looked like. They were printed with baby print....a whole bunch of circus animals. I remember how I felt... it was sooooo.... relaxing and fulfilling. I remember that I didn't want to take the diapers off.... when the game was over, I still wanted to wear the diaper. I can remember that finally, my sisters told my mom that I was wearing a diaper and wouldn't take it off and my mom told me to take it off now.

    Ever since then, I have felt the need to be in diapers and as the years went by, I also felt like a little baby trapped in a big body. When I was younger, I would steal my brothers and sisters diapers and wear them in secret. It was always a game of me taking diapers....wearing them....hiding would ultimately find them.... I would be embarrassed....promise not to wear them.....and then the cycle would start all over again. It was maddening and I thought I was loosing my mind. It's interesting, I remember the day that I enrolled in High School....and I was also wearing a big cloth diaper and plastic pants at the time. I remember thinking it was pretty ironic.

    This continued until I met my wife. When we first started seeing each other, I was too afraid to tell her the "real" truth that I was an adult baby, but I knew that diapers would be important to me and I was tired of wearing them secretly. So, I made up a story late one night and told her that I was incontinent sometimes and needed them. She was very accepting and even made me feel better about it by playing "baby games" with me....sort of as a joke. Little did she know that this is the treatment that I really wanted. In any case, after about a year of marriage, I felt really guilty about lying to her and finally told her the real truth. That was the right thing to do, but not for my lifestyle. She was horribly hurt and wanted me to stop this behavior or she could not be with me. I love her soooo much, so I promised her that I would give them up for her.

    Well, I did well for a long time, but then as you know, the desires came back with a passion. So then I went into hiding again.... and wore them at work in secret; always hoping that some day I would have the opportunity to be open about this and be the baby that I really am. I'm not sure if that will ever happen.... but I'm hoping.

    Cuddles & TLC
    Baby Davie (or Ashley )
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    First off ~ Hi Nice to meet you and welcome to adisc ^_^ i think this post would have been better in the introductions area but no matter.

    I know this is just an introductory post but i'd like to add that your story has a lot in common with mine (except for the end with my wife and the part about stealing the diapers) I actually had to wear diapers until age 12 because of bedwetting, but i would get in trouble for using up more diapers than I needed (i liked the feeling of a fresh diaper, so i would wear one, play around in it until it didnt feel new anymore and threw it under my bed without having used it, and then put on a new one).

    If I may, I'd like to add to the part of telling your wife ~ I think it would be healthy for the both of you, for you to show her detailed information on what it means to be a Little/ABDL, so that she can get an understanding about what it all means, and how its never going to go away; and how keeping you from expressing that side of you is actually building a stress inside of you that could very well explode one day. Its unhealthy for you to suppress this side of you and its unhealthy not just for you but for your relationship, because i can tell you right now from personal experience that my marriage has never been better than it was after coming out as both ABDL and transgender to my wife ~ It caused problems of course, there were arguments and disagreements and misunderstandings, but we fought through it and now we are happier than ever and even though there are things i wish she would do for me that she wont, at least we are honest to eachother about how we feel and we can openly discuss things without fearing losing eachother ~ and there is nothing quite liberating or relieving as this. You should consider having her read information or see explanatory videos about the ABDL/Little lifestyle... whatever you do, don't show her anything on mainstream media because they show us in a very bad light most of the time. Show her sites like Understanding Infantilism or look for ABDL blogs, or show her how BIG our community is by showing her sites like this among other friendly sites. Try to make her understand that 1. now only is it harmless and less taboo or less rare than she thinks, but 2. its also hardwired part of who you are and its a part of you she subconsciously fell in love with. Any rational person who see that this is no big deal after having it explained to them. Let her know that its always been a part of you and you just didnt express it, but it was there before she met you, it was there when you guys fell in love, and it was there afterwards too and make sure she understands that it is in NO way related to ACTUAL children...

    Anyway, welcome again feel free to message me (i may not be in your area but I love meeting new people)

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    Hi Emily.... Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad that I finally decided to make my self known. It's such a hard thing to keep inside. I've actually tried at other points in our marriage to give her more information. I think she has a pretty good idea about who I am and what I would like. With that said, she was really hurt that I lied to her initially, and she's also very religious. So am I. So in her mind, she can understand that its a problem for me... and she gets that its not going away....but she's more into helping me overcome it. It makes it really tough. In any case, I've had this struggle my whole life and will keep fighting.... I love my wife and kids too much to ever loose them over this .....

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    Nice to meet you Davie my story is similar to yours I have always had the feeling of wanting to be little again even at 21 I don't feel like I'm 21 I feel like I'm a little kid stuck in a grown up body but that's what gives me my personality my age is about 2 also. I would also try what Emily Said and try to show her all the positive that comes from this and how to understand it also it took my wife awhile to understand it and even after 4 years she is still learning but it has brought us closer on a completly different level. I messaged you but I'm not shure if you can get messages yet.

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    Hi Wiatt..... it's nice to meet you! thanks for the message... I received your private message.... but couldn't respond because I'm not an established contributor yet. I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and maybe even hang out some time. It would be nice to have some one to talk to who really understands the real me.... in any case....that would be great! How close do you live to Delaware?

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't overcome something like this.. .the only way to overcome it is to accept and embrace it or hypnotize yourself to bury it deep down inside and never have it come up again... but even that has its drawbacks and triggers that could possibly bring it back up again.. Its only a problem if you let it be and if you treat it as such. A huge issue that ABDL's have (especially the spiritual ones) is that they treat being ABDL like its a problem or an issue that needs resolving... when in reality its not ~ we just think it is because we consider it "not normal"... but when you step away from the false illusion of normality, you see that you are more "normal" than at least 90% of the population. Food for thought.

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    I can agree with you there.... I've tried to overcome it for a long time to no avail. One thing that I did...that did help toa I told one of my co-workers that I'm really close to....and she was very accepting....she even let me come over to her house before she got have some baby time. She wouldn't participate....but she would let me play with the kids toys in the basement...and be in diapers....while she worked upstairs.... it was really fun! Now that's she's married.... I haven't gone over there because I don't want to do anything that would put her in a bad place.... but for a little bit...that really helped...thanks for all the advice

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