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Thread: What would you change?

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    Question What would you change?

    If you could change something in your life (has to be diaper related) what would it be?
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    I think if i was more of a bed wetter, that would have been a good way to stay in diapers.

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    I think I would of wanted to be a bed wetter I remember being jealous because my sister was one and all her friends were fine with her using diapers.

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    I would probably make myself smaller so I can fit in small sized diapers (I like smaller diapers that fit nicely) I would also make diaper-fashion swimsuits xD Imagine wearing a frilly/ruffly bikini top and a diaper or diaper-like bottom piece. *_*

    I'd also make diaper changing a common favor.

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    another thing I would change would be a diffrence in diapers. Instead of making diapers as thin and (atleast in my country) as gender equal as possible. I would make diapers SO THICK they could get and that there is clearly pink diapers with frill for girls and kinda blue ones for boys (and I would make my mom use the girly ones on me when she diaper punished me)

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    For me is I could change anything about diapers. I would have adult ones exactly like the baby ones. Cause they are so cute! And I would want it to be just a normal thing to wear them so people not look funny at you.

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    If I could change anything diaper related in my life, I would make my parents put me in diapers when I wet the bed as a kid.

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    In the '60's I wet the bed and my parents put me in these cheap catalog daipers with the snap apart plastic pants. In the morning, the diaper was soaked, but so was the bed. In other words, this type of diaper (and I hesitate to call it a diaper) was usless.

    Therefore, may wish would be that my parents used real cloth diapers (disposables were not really available at the time). At least the bed would have been dry.

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    Well I'd probably make a change where I still had wetting accidents so that I could wear diapers whenever I wanted

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    I'd change that I don't have ic issues...

    It sounds good, but it isn't...

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