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    I have no clue as to why this is happening but for some strange reason I seem to be getting worse. I have urge incontinence, and I am not sure what the trigger is but it seems the span between the warning and the resulting accident seem to be getting much faster. I now have about 5-10 seconds warning before soaking myself. Has anyone else experienced something similar? The doctor is as confused as I am as to why this is happening.

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    The usual advice I give is for anyone with a similar problem to see a doctor. You already have, so I don't know what to tell you. Did your doctor put you on medication? Have you started drinking something different than before, such as more coffee or tea? Caffeine can be a big trigger in urgency for me, especially Coke or more than one cup of coffee. Did he check your heart rate? A side affect of a rapid heart beat is an increase in frequency, at least in my case. Just a few ideas.

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    Also spicey foods/chocolate look on net theres a whole list of items.
    Plus illnesses like MS etc etc or diabetes
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    I agree with the advice to see your doctor about the change in your situation. However, as someone who has been dealing with urge incontinence for many years, I have had similar experiences. The amount of time that I have between the onset do an "urge" and the start of leakage varies from day to day and month to month. That variation is one of the maddening things about the condition and a major reason why I have to wear protection 24/7.

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    I'm not IC but if your general practitioner doesn't know, get referred to a urologist and see that doctor too.

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    TBH my Doc is an utter moron. His favorite thing to say is if it gets worse come see me. I am in the process of getting a new doctor (PCP)

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    Jayme, Try getting in with a urologist. While a GP has some ideas the urologist can run test to see what is going on. They can do a test where they monitor the muscles while they fill your bladder. This gives them a lot of insight as to what is going on. When symptoms change you need to find out why. Sounds a little bit like some over flow IC as well.

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    Trust me on this one your GP has NO CLUE - NONE AT ALL usually when it comes it IC issues - especially if you're not like 80.
    There's some level of general stupidity amongst some of the urologists who just can't take anyone below the age of 60 or without prostate problems seriously.
    It took me some while to find an urologist who's actually highly professional and helpful and was able to provide me with some actual insight into my situation.

    So just to say, you might need to mentally prepare to try a few different urologists before you find one whom you're happy with.

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    I completely agree that you need to see a urologist. It may not help at all, but the advice will be much more sophisticated than a GP's. However, EPO1 is right: you may need to shop around. I got lucky on the first try; others have not. (An aside: I wish I had 5-10 seconds; I generally have less than five.)

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    thanks for the advice sveryone. I have to agree many GP's and urologists seem go have cases of terminal Stupidity about patient ages and IC.

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