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    I pose an interesting question to the group: What is the worst way a person has broken up with you? My question is not "What is your worst break up?" because very rarely is someone ok with a break up. Ill start by sharing mine.

    So I was dating this girl for about a year. During the time right before she broke up with me I was a little distracted with some serious family issues, but I thought she was okay with it. Then one day I texted her saying "sorry about being so busy lately. I'm going to make it up to you by taking you out to a nice restaurant. I thought it was odd that I hadn't gotten a response after a couple hours, but thought nothing of it. Later that night, I finally got a response back from her. Her response was essentially that she was breaking up with me. And that wasn't even the worst part. I found out a couple months after she broke up with me through some mutual friends that her sister had actually typed it out for her...
    Feel free to share your stories. Please don't share stories like " I broke up with this person and I was so sad"

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    I remember the old Facebook breakup. I was to propose to her that day. She got wind of it and sent me a Facebook message before I could see her
    Best thing that ever happened to me!.

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    I broke up with my ex girlfriend over facebook when I found out she was cheating on me....

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    I dated this girl during my junior and senior year of high school. We were hot and heavy, and it was great. We went to different colleges/universities, and after the first month of separation I got a phone call from her, saying she found someone new. I was so pissed off, that I found a guy who I liked, and we became lovers throughout college. Well, I also wanted to be with a guy.....(blush).

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    When I was a teenager, my boyfriend stood me up on my 17th birthday. I waited around for him all night and was so sad that he never showed up. That same night, I got a phone call from a friend who said he was at the mall with another girl. And then the next day, he said the rumor was true, and he broke up with me... with zero remorse. Then later he and his friends repeatedly prank called me and mocked me. It was a bad breakup.

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    Was once overseas when I got word from my ex that she was taken in by Jody and I would come back home single. Was fun especially because she blamed me for not loving her enough to refuse orders and stay stateside despite knowing that would mean brig time.

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    My last girlfriend broke up with me via Facebook. It came out of nowhere, going from "We'll be together forever" to "We need to break up. We don't speak to each other anymore". When I responded with "What the hell are you talking about? You were just going ga-ga over me yesterday. We talk all the time!!" She never responded to me. Later, I found out from other friends that she met another guy she had the hots for, and she dumped me so she could fuck him and it wouldn't be considered cheating. So glad to have her out of my life.

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    "My First" inundated me with the news that she had slept with someone else. We had been together for 3 years and the news was crushing. It was the closest to depression that I had ever felt.

    As it turns out I grew-up and got a little wiser realizing that I was basing my success on emotion and not looking at what makes two people compatible. It wasn't until years later that I realized that I learned a valuable lesson that day: You really don't know someone until they prove you wrong (in consequential delightful circumstance). It must be felt in conviction and not in pride.

    I look back on that day in reverence now. She provided me, through extreme pain and trial, a bit of wisdom. I am more cautious with my heart.

    A silver-lining for sure!

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    When I was with my first GF, we stayed together for a good 8 months, everything seemed perfectly fine between us. I was young so I wanted to experiment but i was 100% faithful, and she told me to just go ahead and do it, and she even had a gay guy friend who liked me. So, because it was only things like kissing and hand holding, i didnt feel too bad... but then i felt like she was pushing me and the guy together.. then one night she tried to set up a steamy hook-up in an empty room of her house and i was uncomfortable with it because I felt like at this point it was cheating.... I left the guy alone in the room and ran to my GF feeling like she would feel happy that I chose not to go through with it out of loyalty to her.... i come to find out that she was trying to distract me and set me up with him so that she could break up with me without complications and date some guy at her school ~ on top of that she was upset that I wasn't letting her hook up with other girls -_- ... So she pretty much broke up with me because i wasn't letting her cheat.

    2nd time she broke up with me (yes, i made the mistake of taking her back when she came crying), she left me for some psychotic drug addict... but Karma got her back ~ She got gonorrhea from him, crashed her car, let herself go, and had to get a restraining order because he started hitting her and being overly possessive. I'm not the kind of person to be relishing in the misery of someone who ripped my heart out, but i feel she's payed her debt.

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    Well, hard question for me to answer, seeing as I've never been dumped by anyone. I did break up with my first partner, about two years ago, over the phone. It wasn't the best way of doing it, I know, but we were long-distance at the time, living on opposite sides of the country. Thankfully, it went quite well, she too wasn't very happy with being so far apart, and the romance had sort of faded out for both of us. So it´ended up being a mutual decision, which felt pretty good, and we are still very good friends to this day.
    Since then, I'm now in a stable, long-term relationship with a fantastic woman. We've only been together for ten months, but it feels great and I'm enjoying every single second of it.

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