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Thread: Mommy, I'm dwawing!

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    Default Mommy, I'm dwawing!

    I love to draw. Usually I draw characters and technology from my writing, or make abstract art, but recently I bought a set of Crayola classic markers and have been having fun regressing my drawing technique to basically elementary school and focusing on the subjects I drew back then.

    I was never into coloring books because I wanted to tell the story, and I learned to read and write a little late so drawing was how I told stories.

    It feels good to draw childishly. It's relaxing. I have to stop myself from being too detailed and "grown up" in the picture though, LOL.

    Anyone else do this?

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    Lol I have the same problem when I'm coloring or drawing I tend to be to detailed and always have to have the right colored marker or crayon instead of just using what ever color I want.

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    Oh yes...while I love pencils and charcoals, acrylics,,and water colours... Sometimes I just want crayons crayons or thick markers.
    As an adult I still enjoy drawing, but sometimes it is just fun to simplify and use the materials I loved for so many years. I didn't care for coloring books as a kid for the same reason as you... I like to tell the story. Instead when I got them I would use them to practice different drawing techniques.... But as an adult little I love coloring books for what they were made for. It helps me to calm because I usually regress when stressed. The lines give boundaries while still giving me something to work with.

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    I.. still draw about that well. I have trouble purposely drawing "simpler" but whenever I get in the right zone you pretty much couldn't tell the diference anyway. Sometimes that look just appeals to me. I dunno. I sort of get what you are saying, totally.

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    Just an idea I remember reading about here on ADISC: try drawing and/or coloring with your 'wrong' hand. I've tried it and it really works if you want to draw childishly. Well, unless you're ambidextrous. :P

    (not that I'm any good as a drawer even with my right hand)

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    From an early age, I drew blueprints and schematics for fun. Coloring books were never that interesting to me and I used plain notebooks or graph paper.

    One story you may appreciate is from my college art appreciation class. The assignment was to free- hand draw a pencil drawing. When I pulled out a ruler and compass, the teacher reiterated "free hand" and forbid drafting aids. Moments later, I was happily tracing my other hand onto the paper like we did in kindergarten. The teacher complemented me on my creative rule interpretation and selected that drawing to be displayed in the college student art display. She proudly announced to the class that I was the first to have done that; very likely, I remain the only one to have done it.

    Currently, I have one pack of jumbo crayons that I purchased to have at my desk just incase someone said "shut up and color". They are still new in the box.

    I am glad to hear that you found a relaxing activity to focus your mind in a positive direction. Keep up the good work.

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    Something I like to do with my babies is draw around their hand and them help them to decorate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treacle View Post
    Something I like to do with my babies is draw around their hand and them help them to decorate it.
    Awww, that brings me back! I did that same thing with one of my baby sitters back when I was 3

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm rely lucky for that I live with my mom who is an elementary art teacher so we have always had lots of material around for artsy things, the issue is I don't utilize them enough, but this post gave me some inspiration to do art in my little state of mind! I have been to concerned with improving my artistic ability when I have so many cool things like Crayola Crayons, Mr. Sketch markers, many colors of yarn, colored pencils of every color, tempera and water color paints, many colors of paper in different sizes, glitter, and so much more!

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    I always loved to draw! Okay, so mostly I would just doodle but now and then I put some effort in to it. Now days I'm actually putting my tablet to use and trying to become a half decent digital artist. Not sure what I'll do when I get there.. probably just draw higher quality diaper pics.. XD

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