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    So, I know there have been a number of posts in the past about this subject, but most of them seem to be closed, and I wanted to share.

    Tonight, I had dinner and a long talk with a very old friend of mine, and in the course of the evening we began to talk about my recent breakup with my girlfriend of 6 years. As part of that talk, I told her about being interested in ageplay, diapers, etc. which was one of the things that lead to the breakup.

    She was very supportive and accepting, and I can't express how relieved I feel to know that one of my closest friends now knows and accepts me "no matter what" (her words).

    The reason I share this is because I never saw a benefit to telling a friend about my ageplay interests in the past. A girlfriend, sure, if it was getting serious. But I always thought telling a friend was unnecessary and could only hurt the relationship. I was very wrong. So if you're on the edge about telling a friend, I'd say go for it. It probably won't always turn out this well, but just having someone else on the earth who knows about this has made a world of difference.

    P.S. I found this podcast from the Nerdist's Sex Nerd Sandra as well as the big/little podcast VERY helpful in getting ready to talk to my friend. The language that Mako Allen uses and his explanations to Sandra, who doesn't live with this every day like we do, resonated with me and were quite useful in explaining to my friend. (wish this had been around when I came out to my girlfriend a couple years ago...oh well)

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    I told my best friend from college and he was very understanding. It was shortly after I had joined the site, and I was talking about ADISC as a blog site. He asked me, which one. I paused for a moment, and then told him about it, and about me. I knew he would be accepting, because we had been lovers all through college. It was the one thing I had never told him about myself because I was too ashamed. This was before the internet and the exchange of information.

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    So.... I had the opportunity to tell a very close work colleague/ friend of mine...and she was very supportive....continues to be! I felt sooooo good to get it off my shoulders and know that I had some else that knew the real me....we joke about it all the time when we get together for lunch or talk by has been a very good thing for me....she's not trying to change me....she just accepts me for who I am and wants to help me deal with it....its great.

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    The first person I told was my best friend (at the time) when I was a senior in high school. She accepted me but wasn't all that supportive or anything, she kinda wanted me to keep it away from her. Then after that I told my wife 3 months into our relationship, also in highschool ~ after that I told all my friends at the time, and everyone else since then ~ its come to the point where i dont tell anyone unless they ask ( i have a room in my apartment that has an ABC playmat, a childish bed with disney princess covers, a bunch of plushies in the corner and a diaper holder on the wall, as well as a sliding door closet FULL of diapers.) So if people ask me about it, i kinda just tell them. I also wear diapers whenever i'm in the mood and just tell people if they ever notice. Everyone i've told has reacted positively ~ a few of them had the "thats cool but keep it away from me" reaction; but the majority of them reacted in a "aw thats kinda cute, i dont mind if you do it around me."

    My current best friend reminds me to wear a diaper every now and then kinda like a big sister. My wife doesn't mind me wearing or being myself or even having other little friends or a mommy/daddy, she just prefers not to be involved at all, which sucks but eh =/ I have other friends who have shown great interest in it, and want to see the world of Littles first hand. I honestly just treat it like any regular hobby, like video games or cooking or whatever.

    "So what do you do for fun?"

    "Oh i like to play/create music, play video games ,go out with friends and watch movies, or put on a cute diaper with some babyish outfits and just pretend to be a baby from time to time"

    most people react as if its nothing... and i have a theory that this is because i treat it as though its no big deal. Some people see it as highly interesting, and others see it as just another stress-relieving hobby.

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