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    A good friend of mine I actually somehow came up with the guts to ask (it was awkward, trust me) if she'd be my mommy, is making a decision on whether or not she'd do it. I had a feeling she might and to confirm my thoughts, she talked to my previous "mommy" because she knew of our relationship.

    Is there anything already here or something someone could point me to, where I could better explain to my friend, the role of a mommy in an adult baby relationship? Sounds simple enough, but the one thing I can't assume, is the fact that she'd understand when she is in fact, brand new to all this.

    Thanks in advance,

    Also, thank you for the auto birthday wishes ADISC

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    Kinda a bold thing to ask a friend i think. You could give her a copy of "There's a baby in my bed" which might help her.
    The thing i'm having a hard time understanding and she might have a hard time understanding is, is this you asking her to be in a relationship with her, or do you just currently have nobody to take care of you. Do you see her as somebody that you want to possibly get married to in the future?

    I would have a hard time asking anybody to be my mommy unless they were in a really really close relationship with me, or a really really close friend who was very very supportive and understanding of my AB side. Since she isn't under the latter category, is she somewhere towards the first category?

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    Ultimately, I don't think there is anyone better qualified for this than you. There's no such thing as an average ABDL, and this is about addressing your desires in a way that works for her. There's no substitute for a number of what will be at first, awkward conversations, but since you're not asking her to be anyone else's mommy, I don't think others are going to be of much help.

    Make note of your own thoughts on what kind of care you'd wish for in certain circumstances. Even if some of those things are impractical, they provide valuable insight to see what might also be appealing. I wouldn't just dump a laundry list on her right out of the gate but this can take a little time before you are both ready to comfortably proceed. Start small/slow and go from there.

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    First, I would be careful not to involve someone in this unless you plan to have a solid relationship. A mommy/baby relationship can be very hard to break if things are not going well.... if you are ready to take that step... I would start slow.... I actually told one of my co-workers over several weeks....first dropping my Halloween costume..etc.... and then she finally got the idea....and we talked....then I was really open to her...and that is what I would suggest to as open and honest as possible....its better to get it out now....and really tell her what you are looking for...then to try give her parts of it because you are embarrassed... as stated above....we are all what that means to you may be different then what it means to me....When I told my friend.... I just told her that the easiest way to picture it is I'm like a little baby trapped in a big body....if I had a mommy.... I would want to be treated just like a regular baby would be every way....she got that....she doesn't participate with me.... but shes very supportive of who I am...

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    Thanks for the advice all and I knew I'd get exactly what I was looking for in advice Come to find out though, she was stalling because she was trying to get back into a relationship with her ex and I just happened to be wrong timing; basically, she didn't want to hurt my feelings. As far as the whole story, it's kinda complicated, but I'll cut straight to it. I'm married to my partner (husband) and we have somewhat of an open relationship when it comes to our kinks. I won't disclose what he likes, but he allows me to have a "non-sexual" adult baby relationship with another person. We are both adult babies, but while I don't mind playing a parent figure to him, he's a straight up baby and feels really awkward about babying me. My previous mommy (BFF) and the new one I'm talking to (friend of mind for a few years now) are OK with a baby/mommy relationship as long as I understand, if they meet someone, then "we" will come to an end. Seems like a rough thing to do and I'll be honest, I'll end up depressed about it for a little while, but make no mistake, they have to live and build their own lives. It would be totally selfish of me to keep them in a relationship that isn't going anywhere, regardless of my feelings or not and I accept it. I'd never get upset about any of this though because, most adult babies never find anyone to show them loving care. Myself on the other hand, I lost count of how many people have changed my diapers over the years and while we didn't work out or if it was just for play at a party, I've been extremely blessed. Well, after Asthma, Cancer, Crohns, countless surgeries and other things I'm not even going to bother to list here, God at least threw me a bone

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