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    Hi all,

    I always read about how sun drying cloth diapers is best for stains, odors etc. But is it the sun, the heat or the sun and heat that does it? Just asking cause it's brightining up in the Pacific Northwest, and id like to dry outside. Sunny...but not warm. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    I am under the impression that it is the sun light that takes away the stains. I think the wavelength of radiation from the sun has a bleaching effect. I have not read that for sure it just seems like sunlight takes colors out of cars and other things left in it even when colder.

    Great question

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    Iamjust2 is right about the bleaching; it's the UV in sunlight. However, the drying part is all about heat and low humidity, which tend to go hand-in-hand in this part of the country. Depending on where you are in the Pacific Northwest, it may be possible to dry things outside at this time of year. Here in Seattle, though, ... no. If I hung my diapers outside right now, they'd have moss and mold growing on them in no time. We had a brief hailstorm today.

    It's dryer season.

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    Yes, it's the sunlight that sterilizes and bleaches things...

    But, I know things dry outside when cold too...

    My grandma even dried things outside in winter...the frozen water will sublimate overtime...

    Now, I don't even have a clothesline...just a few dryers...

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