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Thread: How old are you?

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    Default How old are you?

    When feeling small on my own I would say my mental age is (5) but if my girlfriend is interacting and joining in then it becomes more like (3)
    What's your mental age when feeling small, how old are you?

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    I like to imagine myself as 3, but a very babyish 3, still in diapers and drinking from a bottle and sucking a paci and all that good stuff.

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    I imagine myself between 2 and 5. It depends on my mood. I usually have to act older, but that's only because I have to. ><

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    6, I guess. I really don't have a real disconnect between little me and the rest of me though. It's all just.. me.

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    For me I imagine my self as 1-3(maybe 4 sometimes)
    Just love being around the helpless, and needing help ages.

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    The age that I identify as an ab is around toddler years, so somewhere around 2 years old maybe a few months older or younger.

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    I really can't figure out a specific age. The problem is I do things that are too young, and do things that are older, and can do them at the same time. In that I do things beyond babbling like an infant. I can view my stuffed animals as if they had personalities and consciousness, and at the same time drink from a bottle, which in my family is something that is stopped before they turn 1 usually, excepting perhaps a bottle next to them at bed. (Granted I only have the privacy for lil stuff, and the desire, near bed time.) Because I can be various ages at the same time, picking a specific age is very hard. Roughly around 2?

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    My little age is honestly around one. I've never felt comfortable enough with anyone to regress into a headspace of that little, but that is the age. I like the innocence and simplicity of it, the lack of responsibility, and the sort of (in my mind) doting that goes along with it.

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