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    Default I told her!

    Well I have posted two other threads a couple months ago talking about telling my girlfriend of a year and a half.

    And i finally did it!!

    Soooo, we were just laying in bed talking about secrets and it felt like the perfect time so i went ahead and told her just at first that i have worn diapers before. she was a little shocked but curious. So i went on and told her that i have been wearing diapers here and there for 4 years. We have already been doing baby things like pacifiers and wipes and stuffed animals and stuff so it wasnt a complete shock but it was new for her.

    I was so nervous that she would take it the wrong way and it would ruin our relationship. But it was the complete opposite! She loves it! She is interested in diapering me and changing me! and she even lets me call her mommy and she really likes that! She also made an account on here!

    Telling her feels so good and finally have nothing to hide with her! Its actually bringing us closer together and adds more excitement to our already exciting relationship! We have dates planned to go get diapers and baby food and other items!

    I am beyond happy
    (She has been right next to me helping me type this too )
    Soo i guess now id like to ask for any advice on more things we can do or anything anyone would like to say!

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    Congratulations, I was just as nervous about telling my gf, but as you say being open about it with the one you love can bring you closer together and make your relationship stronger, Nice one.

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    I'm really glad it worked out for you! If you ever need the help, we'll be here of course.

    Tell her she's awesome if you haven't already, and then tell her again if you have.

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    Congrats!!! I'm happy for the both of you. Yeah, when people are honest and open with each other, being an AB can really be something that can bring each other closer together, at least that is how i imagine it.

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    Are you near a Baby's R Us store? Or Toys R Us or any other toy store or store selling regular baby items?

    I would suggest going to some of these stores and looking around. You may find something that sparks your imagination either because you find something to purchase or an idea forms in your mind.

    Regardless - a great way to spend the day with 'mommy'.

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    Yes, I hope things only get better. Being able to express this with someone else brings it to a new level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    I'm really glad it worked out for you! If you ever need the help, we'll be here of course.

    Tell her she's awesome if you haven't already, and then tell her again if you have.
    I second this. If she has been under-informed of her awesomeness and your love for her (assuming you love her. Though considering you have been together for over a year, I assumed that's a given. ) I would state it again. And if she is already told a lot, it never hurts to make it known again anyway.

    I would suggest taking it reasonably slow here, though for all I know you have already been doing things. (it sounds like it) so perhaps at this point, invest in whatever just feels right. Perhaps look into backups if you have the money. A backup-paci never hurts. I can tell you this much, you are incredibly lucky. The biggest thing I would probably do though at first is cuddle a lot. That said, you are probably not as starved for affection as me. ^^ (For some reason once you hit teens, my family seems to distance itself, assuming you no longer need any affection.)

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