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    Is it normal for ab to have accidents while sleeping a lot?? My ab had one the other night and woke me up like 5am I wasent a happy person and I showed it at first but I collected myself and told him it will b OK I wasent mad. What could cause these accidents? I'm afraid I'm gonna have to diaper him every night bfor bed in the fear of him doing it again I can't wash our sheets every morning at 5am Cuz we live with other people and they will start questioning and I don't want my baby to get embarrassed

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    ABs are just people, so unless they have a history of bedwetting, no it's not normal. Some of us fantasize about bedwetting but that alone isn't going to make it happen. While accidents do happen rarely, particularly due to alcohol, illness, stress, etc., a visit to a doctor is called for if they persist.

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    Have you asked him if it was really an accident? Some AB's can fantasize wetting the bed because it makes them feel more regressed, but it probably isn't a good idea to let him do that because it is attracting attention, and it is keeping you up. You might have to either diaper him every night, or just do like parents of potty trainers and have him go to the bathroom before bedtime, along with not drinking too much.
    Do you have protective sheets too? They have them at walmart if you don't have any, I think they are very useful to have for the just in case moments.

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    Hi Wyatts Mommy.... I'm new to the site..... so I find that when I have the opportunity to wear diapers a lot (like when I travel)....then I have had some nighttime accidents....but I'm typically always in diapers when that happens....I've worn them for so long that I think my body has sort of adjusted to do what it needs to do when I'm diapered....haha.... I have to say... I'm jealous.... I would love to have a Mommy say that I need to be diapered every night

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    In the past I am guilty of wetting the bed in order to justify wearing diapers at night. Then again, if he is wearing and wetting a lot in the day, it is possible to spill over also. Communication is paramount. Find out what he is trying to do here.

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    I am with Trevor, talk to him, and if it happens again, go to the doctor. I imagine many things could cause it, infections for example.

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