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    I'm married to a DL. I knew my husband was interested in diapers a while ago but never thought much of it until today. He finally came out and said it. He was so nervous about my reaction. Honestly, it doesn't bother me. It bothered me that he was nervous to tell me though. I guess I am on this site just to try to support him and understand him more.

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    We do have a wide variety of types here. The best source of information will still be your husband; even among DLs there's a great deal of variation in practices, interests, etc. On the other hand, we're more than happy to provide insight based on our personal experiences.

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    Welcome, only been here a short time myself :3

    I could never tell my wife about my love for diapers when we were together, glad you're accepting of it.

    It's one of those kinks that's kinda out there so I can understand him being nervous telling even a loved one.

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    Welcome there hope you enjoy the site. What part of michigan you from

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    You're welcome! Not my article, but it sure has a lot of information!

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    Welcome Morgs867

    It is nice to get to meet open minded people.
    How long did you know about your husband liking diapers before he came out and said something?
    I am in the same situation with my wife. I have not told here I am not as much worried about how she will react towards me but more about making here uneasy.

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