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Thread: Do you see the person you want to be in the mirror?

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    Default Do you see the person you want to be in the mirror?

    When you look in the mirror are you happy with what you see. What would you want to change about yourself and are you working towards that goal.

    For most of my life I have not been happy with who I am. I always found myself to be the awkward one and that is not easy. Lately though I really like what I see in the mirror. I think the main thing that helped me is sticking up for myself and not allowing people to tell me who I am. Hopefully I will be able to fully accept myself before the end of this life.

    Hope this makes sense to you all.

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    I'm fine with the look in the mirror. Given, a decade ago, when I was about 75lb heavier, and I still have a bit of a beer belly (likely from consumption of beer) I wasn't so fond of the image. Not hating on fat people, I'm still not skinny by far, but, being the weight I've averaged for my entire adult life, not so bad now. Still a bunch of outside pressure about losing even more weight, but, from past experience, at 40 lb lighter, I was quite a bit more miserable.

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    I normally don't get too caught up in the morality complexes of life and death and everything in between.

    The way I see it, is that the only thing that really matters (to me anyway) is living in the moment. When I look into the future too much and plan for it, often things don't always pan out, everything is subject to change, remember that. But that's not to say don't set realistic goals like getting the housework done, yardwork, licences, a job etc, because they matter to one extent or another.

    I am also not happy nor am I unhappy about what I see in the mirror, I am content, nor am I worried about what I leave behind when my time comes.

    And my opinions expressed here is largely due to me being an Atheist too, which means, that there is a high possibility that when I am gone, I will have no opinions on the life I had just lived, therefore, what I do now leading up to my death doesn't really bother me. Actually, I have become very neutral about most things in life these days, trying not to put too much emphasis on any one thing.
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    I'm 54+ now and after a decade of therapy finally coming into alignment with the person I see in the mirror.

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    Well definitely no, but that is how God sent us. This is what I am, so I just have to settle down with that.

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    I can't complain. Going to college was one of the best things I've ever done. I feel confident, competent and equipped with the tools to deal with the future. I guess I just decided to quit comparing myself to others and do makes me happy.

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    Funny, I want to look into the mirror and see a five year old staring back, and still wearing diapers.....sigh. So, I may be kidding, but at age 66, I'm not to thrilled, but the only thing that's going to improve my state of affairs is death. That said, I have learned to accept all the inevitability. Each decade of my life has had its perks. This one has brought retirement, and accomplishment. things could be worse.

    To paraphrase Arthur Rimbaud however, "If I could be anywhere, I would be that child who sets sail, as frail as a May butterfly".

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    I just see a diapered Charizard in the mirror,wears a black tshirt and has a neckless with a dragon pendant on it. Hmmm...Oh and a green old fashion blanket on my left claw[hand] and right claw[hand] a diapered turtwig plush. I see my self as a dragon who deals with life head on with determination in a hardy way. Not pretty how things get done but they are done.

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    No, not really. The last time I was on this forum(way back in 2008) I didn't have any psychological problems. Now I look in the mirror and see a broken down shell of myself, entirely dependent on medicines to get me through the day.

    PTSD is a bastard thing.

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    I have to say yes! I like the way I look with or without a diaper on. Same way also with my AB outfits too.

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