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Thread: What are your favorite Youtube channels?

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    Default What are your favorite Youtube channels?

    I feel like this goes under this category, it's kind of like e-mail providers.. right?

    What are some of your favorite Youtube channels that you enjoy, and why?

    Not that this isn't for specific videos, generally this is a channel you subscribe to and watch regularly.

    Here are some of my favorites in various genres.

    Crash Course, Vsauce, minutephysics, CPGGrey, SciShow

    Gaming (Let's Play's, Infor, etc.)
    Peanut Butter Gamer, yuriofwind, Jim Sterling, Extra Creditz.

    ETC. (Comedy, Brands. etc.)
    WheezyWaiter, The Fine Bros. Strawberry Shortcake of course.

    I would say my favorite educational one is Vsauce, just because the videos are not just videos where you feel ike you've learned something but you've almost had an experience too. Like, you walk away feeling like you just.. almost grew.

    Gaming, I just really love Peanut Butter Gamer, or PBG. I know he's pretty popular, but he just has this fun.. relaxed and positive but dorky attitude that I just think is honestly adorable. I have a crush on him probably.

    WheezyWaiter is my favorite that I put in the etc. category, and I could easily just take the things I said about PBG and put it to him. He's pretty funny. The rest are really worth checking out too!

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    MrSuicideSheep, this dude just posts the most epic Electronic Music I've ever heard.

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    Other than here, I mostly use my YouTube Channel to "network" with other persons with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. I also use it to watch BBC documentaries that are still not shown here on the so-called educational broadcast and CATV channels.

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    @TM it's just a lot of Air Crash Investigation, Banged Up Abroad and 80s metal docos and rare tracks

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    PewDiePie, Markiplier, ProtonJon


    RC88, InfinityDash, DDRSongs, WiiGuy309

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    - Cartoon Hangover (there is a lot of good cartoon on this, like Bravest Warriors or Bee and puppycat, it's made by people working on Adventure Time)

    - Sky Williams (if you're playing league of legends, I recommend seeing his videos, he's not a pro-player, he's not playing in his videos, he just made sketches based on LoL)

    - Bowz and JelloApocalypse (some funny and talented animators, check the "Welcome to DeviantArt" of JA or the "Skyrim: Bear" of Bowz)

    - Patrick boivin (a french-canadian movie-maker, most of his videos go viral at some point.. you probably have seen his Iron Baby)

    - SpoonfishLee (a speedpainter with amazing skills)

    - AwkwardMarina (a singer/voice actress who is really talented, check out her parody cover of Frozen "Let it go" and her my little pony musical "Anthropology")

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    I watch a decent bit of College Humor and Cracked videos. I have totalBiscuit followed but haven't watched too much yet, liked the one or two videos of his I've watched though. There is a guy who does adventure game Let's Plays I've watched a fair bit about, though not recently. For the most part though I seem to end up just watching random stuff, maybe a let's play or two if I get stuck in a game or just curious (for example watching an LP of Prison Architect on the new Alpha version).

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    PewDiePie, Tobuscus, UberHaxorNova, Laeppavika

    Simon's cat, Christopher Niosi, CartoonHangover

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    For gaming I like the different people of the Yogscast. But I don't really get on Youtube that much, so that's all I've got.

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    KitFez - Gaming observations
    YOGSCAST Martyn - Let's Plays
    OfficialNerdCubed - Let's Play
    ChampChong - Gaming news
    JoblessGamers - GTA V news
    The Game Theorist - Gaming

    Tommy Oliver - MLP-FiM reviewer
    Anthony C - MLP-FiM reviewer
    JanAnimationsStudios - MLP

    Crash Course - Education

    Dan Bull - Music

    JoergSprave - The Slingshot Channel

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