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Thread: Thrift Store Diapers!

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    Default Thrift Store Diapers!

    Recently I have found that many thrift stores sell donated diapers. It has become my weekend hobby to peruse a few of the local thrift stores in search of a bargain on dips.

    Some of the latest finds include Prevail Breezers, MedLine Real Fit, Wings brand, Molicare Super, some vintage plastic backed Attends, and other off brands that I am forgetting now. Prevail seems to be a popular brand around here as I have found multiple packs of them. One Goodwill I visited had at least 30 packs of them. I ended up buying four.

    Not every store has some on hand every weekend but after enough visits I will find a pack or two.

    I have gotten pretty good at knowing what location in the store to find them. You may have to look close because some diapers come in a sample size of two and won't be visible until you slow down and look Also, depending on your area, some thrift stores offer half-off everything in the store on certain days. The final cost of shopping this way results in spending an average of 12 to 20 cents per diaper! One shelf in my closet looks like a drug store diaper isle now.

    This thread is not meant to brag but to offer a tip for those who may have access to thrift stores.

    At first I was super uncomfortable carrying them up to the register. I could feel my ears glowing red from embarassment. After a few times purchasing this way it has gotten easier. The clerks make no notice or hint of curiosity and I never have had any glares or stares.

    I hope this helps those who could use another option for purchasing diapers.

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    Savers stores is another good place. I bought the Attends with the blue tapes. I they also the Depends Maximum with the green tape tabs. The last one I have seen there was Assurance plastic backed diapers with the one tape per side. Every once in a while you will get lucky at the Thrift stores. Its like going treasure hunting.

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    Every time I see diapers in stores, it's always the generic brands. I have found Molicare whites once in a Goodwill but that is rare to find good diapers. I did find Vintage Attends once and Depends when I worked at a folkshop in Montana. I did fine Promise briefs once in Goodwill and bought them all and I could tell they were in storage for a long time and someone must have been cleaning out the attic or something and donated all the stuff to Goodwill including those diapers. But it's rare to find a good brand in second hand stores. It seems like people prefer to use the cheaper brands and man how do companies stay in business if too many people prefer thin diapers instead of thick ones or better ones like Tena or Wellness Briefs. They can't possible get all used up before the elderly dies so the family would donate the rest of the package and the unopened ones to Goodwill or to the Salvation army or to any thrift store.

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    I bought a package of Depends Overnight, at a thrift store yesterday.

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    So are these diapers that people purchased elsewhere and then just donated the entire pack to the store? How much do you generally save?

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    Not to steal the thread or anything but does anyone have any 2007 L/XL ballerina Goodnites they would be willing to sell? I've been trying to find them for a while.

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    I've really never had any luck with thrift store adult diapers. The last vintage ones I got were through a craigslist ad. The guy sold me 2 unopened vintage bags of 3 tape Attends(the ones that go for like $250) for 10 bucks.

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    I love getting diapers at thrift stores. Awesome past time. One time I found some ATN diapers in my size - almost a full bag. And another time I found some super thick older cloth backed diapers -- medical brand I can't remember -- and they were pretty nice - like 3 bags (!!) Of course the most common find are low quality junk diapers in the wrong size :/

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    Hmmm... this is a good suggestion. Cheaper than the internet.

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