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    So I've decided to get a onesie. But I don't know how to size them or which brand to get. Also what's the difference between a onesie and romper? Any help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnd567 View Post
    So I've decided to get a onesie. But I don't know how to size them or which brand to get. Also what's the difference between a onesie and romper? Any help?
    The difference between a romper and onesie is... a romper is a proper name for a onesie, but romper means a one piece suit.

    A*romper suit*is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women. Somewhat similar to a*coverall, it is loose fitting and usually has shorter legs that may be gathered at the end. Puffed pants are particularly associated with rompers. Rompers usually are meant as a combination of shorts and a shirt, though the term can include jumpers, one-piece bathing suits, and clubwear fashions to name a few.

    Onesies are generally made to keep babies from taking diapers off, and help keep the diaper from sagging.

    When we say "onesie" generally, we use it to describe a shirt with snaps in the crotch, but the term "onesie" is actually a brand of snap crotch body suit for infants. The term just stick to society and is used rather than saying snap crotch body suit. Onesie isn't really an official word in dictionaries.


    Onesies should be measured at the chest, waist, legs, and length from collar bone through the crotch to the back of the neck and divide by 2.

    You should purchase a sewing measuring tape and measure yourself WITH A DESIRED THICKNESS OF DIAPER ON with these dimensions so you won't make a mistake. Most companies do not exchange products and you will be stuck with something that doesn't fit.

    Most brands you find on the net are decent some are bigger on you and will sag as they lack some of the stretchy material to make diapers snug in crotch.

    If you want a plain onesie, I would suggest the ones sold by XP Medical, they are stretchy.

    If you want printed ones,,, ebay, etsy you can pretty much Google adult onesie and find links to places that sell these.

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    Body Suits

    I have one of the onesies from Aww So Cute and absolutely love it.

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    The ones i got from babykins are very well made they have a lot of shoulder styles also.

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    Two tips for onesies.
    Make sure to get actuate measurements of your body, and buy one with a couple of extra inches for comfort.

    Also I recommend this seller/designer.
    Just don't bid against me!

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    Babykins are big.. as in I currently wear a Small one, but use 2XL T-shirts
    Seems like they are sized around you wearing cloth diapers and not disposables
    Yes, I followed their size charts to the letter so I ordered Large and XL, cause I use L/XL from airoliver, but they was to lose in the crotch
    So this time I got them in Small and Medium, where Small is nice and snug while Medium a little looser and perfect for outdoors, wearing just the onesie and pants as they look like T-shirts
    So, definitely gonna buy more Small and Medium from them at a later point, maybe some printed as the ones I have now is Marine (M) and Black (S)

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    I have lots of onsies! I wear them every day!
    most are support onsies, The old Abenas (discontinued, and getting a bit worn out) several Airoliver brand I imported from Save Express, model 1011. These I consider daily wear during the warm months.

    I also wear the Tshirt looking variety in the winter, like those from Baby Pants, though I cut the tags out of the publicly worn ones. These, because they're used daily, have shrunk a bit and also provide rather nice support.

    Quite frankly, I wasn't much impressed with the 4Care line that XP medical replaced the Abenas with. Oh well, I found similar in Europe, and a little bit cheaper too, even with the import and shipping

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