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    I am writing this as some one that while I like the idea of wetting my diaper, the idea of messing my diaper is an unpleasant though to me. But the problem is over the last 2 weeks I have had 3 accident in my pants (yes pants, I was not wearing diapers at the time, and why should I, I was at work, or at a gaming event)

    My questions are
    since I think I might have a stomic bug (I generally am filling sick there as of late) could this just be a side effect of it?
    could this be a real problem, how afraid should I be?
    what do I do if it is a real problem, I really don't want to talk to a doctor about needing protection. Also other then diapers is there any other protection I could use for it?

    (wow I never thought the thought of having to wear a diaper would scare me, but this does, because it would stink and even if the diaper was quiet first time I mess the people around me would know easily and I am really afraid now)

    Also lets assume the worst, is there a way it can be reversed (lets say in the next couple of days?)

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    Insured? See your doctor, tell him of your concerns. Ethics dictates if you have a thing and if it's contagious it should be seen to. Wear diapers until then but take spares with you. So-called disposable underwear should do the trick, cloth-backed are silent. I have changed in handicapped stalls... Bring zip-lock baggies too in case you do need to dispose of a messy diaper, discretely and odorlessly.

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    Ok I will see the doctor,but is there any way I can get around having to wear the diapers/pullups. I am not ready to have to wear them out of need yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyboy View Post
    is there any way I can get around having to wear the diapers/pullups.
    Depends. How much are you messing, and how solid is it? If you're dropping a whole load, or if it's loose because of your illness, there really isn't another option besides messing your pants, and that's not good. If it's just a little, you can try getting some incontinence pads.

    The reality is that if you have an accident in public, it's going to smell. The best you can do is damage control, which will consist of: getting to a bathroom as fast as possible, changing the soiled garment, and either disposing of it or storing it in some stink-proof manner, like a ziplock bag. The easiest way to do this, of course, is simply to wear something you can dispose of, but if you're really opposed to that I suppose you could just carry a lot of extra undies with you and wash them all. Frankly, if given the choice, I'd much rather go with the diaper/pad.

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    When you say pad do you mean like a woman's incon pad? The leaks are small lets say the liquid excape is 4 quarters long and 1 quarter wide., so given that degree, would the pad you talk of work, and would it be less noticeable.

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    As much as you don't want to talk to a doctor about it, i would recommend you do ~ you dont have to mention that you wear diapers for fun or anything, just tell him/her what has been going on and if they can run tests to see if its a virus or if its a real problem... but judging by the fact that you said you have a stomach bug, that could very well be the cause of it... however what is MORE worrying is that you don't have the control to keep it in during a stomach bug, because while stomach bugs could cause bowel irregularity, you should still be able to hold it in... and if you are having trouble doing this then it might be worth running tests to see if you can prevent further issues or if you can prepare for it to get worse in terms of "sphincter control/strength"... i know its a scary situation and you aren't ready to face the possibility that the doctor might tell you something you dont want to hear; but lets assume for a moment you think you have a life-threatening illness (which you dont, this is just an example), but you are too afraid to find out if you actually do, would you rather live in fear of possibly having it and die never knowing what it was, or find out what it is and either live on knowing it was no big deal or live your life the best you can before your time runs out? Its always better to know the full story ~ Ignorance is bliss, until you know better.

    Anyway, sorry for getting all deep ~ its in my nature. As for wearing something, I would recommend a pull-up to a pad and i wouldn't stress too much about it; pull-ups are practically underwear. I mean in all honesty I would recommend a full-on diaper, but seeing as you might not be ready for that, a pull-up should do fine ~ maybe one of those Depends underwear or tena underwear ones, they are literally just like underwear in brief form, with the exception of being absorbent. Its better to be safe than sorry ~

    Question though: when you had your accidents, did anyone notice?

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    Thanks CrinklyEmily. As to your question, I don't thinks so, each time I left to go home right after I was to afraid some one would smell it. I also tour tied my coat around my waist before leaving, I am sure some one thought something was up as it was cold out and I had my coast around my waist.

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