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Thread: Favorite foods/drinks growing up?

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    Default Favorite foods/drinks growing up?

    What foods did you grow up adoring? I'm talking about as an actual little. I'm curious to know. ^w^

    My favorite food was pudding. My mom told me that I absolutely LOVED chocolate pudding. So, that would have to be something on my top favorite childhood foods list.

    Another would be raspberry or regular fluffer nutter sandwiches. For those that don't know this, they are peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches. They are SO delicious!

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    SURGE!!!!!!!! i miss that soda SOOOOOOO MUCH.

    also PBJ uncrustables, the original Trix (Silly Rabbit Trix are for kids), Tapioca Pudding (homemade), and kraft Mac & Cheese.

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    Hmmm... kraft mac&cheez and hot dogs was the quintessential snow day fare. I loved broccoli with cheese melted on, and buttered spaghetti, too...

    It's funny how the right tastes and smells are powerful memory triggers.

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    OODLES OF NOODLES!!! Seriously, I LOVED THAT STUFF when I was an adorable little boy and I still do!!! I always referred it as "Oodles and Noodles". I also loved the Lunchables pizzas, especially the Deep Dished ones which I haven't had in years. Really great stuff!

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    Armor hotdogs in a Wilhelm's hotdog boat roll, with a Shasta Orange pop. 1965 nirvana!

    Back in the day that if you found a quarter on the street you were in a candy coma for days. Plus your big brother would take you to Mickey D's because a hamburger only cost 19 cents.

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    Homemade tacos. Miss having how my dad used to make them. Did not have a cheese shredder then.
    So we just cut up block cheese into lil bites.

    Also in elementary school tostada boats.
    They were like rectangle toastada shells, with raised edges.
    They had meat, beans in them, with cheese, and salsa. They were so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quartz200420012 View Post
    The original Mr. Pibb.
    OMG I'm not the only one that noticed this... not only Mr. Pibb but Dr. Pepper as well. They both got weak and not so peppery anymore.

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    Spaghetti bolognaise with cheese on top.
    Wham bars.
    Kellogg's Start.
    Battered sausage.

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    These were only open in warm weather where I lived then. A trip to the Dairy Queen for a cone or to a A&W Root Beer stand for a draft root beer.
    Food was secondary at those places back then. In the 40's most of our food was made from scratch. My fave would have to be chocalate cake.

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