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    My friend is a diaper lover, but he doesn't know what to do.
    He told his therapist about it, who was very accepting, then told his mother who called him sick and said she'll 'never accept'. He is paranoid about wearing diapers now from being caught in the past multiple times, but really wants to wear them.
    He's in a situation where he can't really move out due to personal issues, so he's stuck with her for a while.
    When he happens to wear them, he is very uneasy about being caught or being discovered, no matter if anyone is home or not. He is thinking of ask his mother once more with his therapist to accept or tolerate him and is hoping that the therapist would persuade her or that they can come to some sort of compromise.

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    If one is asking for acceptance, one must understand that the other party may answer "No." It's a bad situation, but your friend set this chain of events in motion. He can always try to talk with his mother again and his therapist may be helpful with it, but for some people, this is simply a bridge too far.

    If that's the case, then it's up to your friend to decide whether or not he's going to abide by his mother's wishes. In either event, it clearly creates a strain on their relationship and he needs to work out another living arrangement if it's as important to him as it seems to be. My situation was somewhat similar, except that my small stash was discovered rather than me confessing and I was able to provide a somewhat plausible denial. Once that was over, it seemed clear to me that the situation was too painful for all involved compared to the pleasure it brought me and I did without until I moved away some time later. I never stopped being a DL, but I didn't have to act upon it when it would hurt those I cared about.

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    I agree with Trevor, your friend had to expect that confessing that he's a *B/DL is quite risky, even when telling his own parents. I still find it hard to tell my parents about this, even though my mom is qualified as a therapist and my dad is an internist, meaning that they have seen or heard many things to even consider that having a diaper fetish is weird, but still, it's social-suicide to just go and tell someone that you are a *B/DL. Although, even if her mother is reluctant to his fetish, that doesn't mean that she's willing to avoid her own son, so for now, I would recommend him that he could confront her mother and have a nice and long talk, it's for the best. Note that I'm not the best to give this kind of tips, it's not like I have gone through this kind of situations, but that's what I would do =). Best wishes for your friend =).
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    Sounds like this friend of yours is in the same shoes as the majority of us are/were when we live(d) at home. Therefore, the usual advice applies... Be smart about wearing, storing, and disposing of diapers.

    Remind him that wearing them is not essential, and his relationship with his mother (and her wishes, especially while living under her roof) take priority. Sucks, but sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I was having trouble getting my post to go through.
    Well, he got back from his appointment, and apparently it went well.
    He said his therapist and his mother went in and talked, and in the end his mother is going to allow him to wear diapers, as long as he keeps it to himself.
    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm sure he feels the same way.

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    I was going to say wait, after time parents forget, and probably never think about it. Then, at that point, about a month or so after, It is safe to wear again. Make sure to tell him to not make it overly obvious when he isn't wearing in his own room, so his mother does not realize it, the less they know (and think about it), the better it is for us.

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    His therapist told his mother? Doesn't that breach some sort of confidentiality agreement?

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    It's okay for the therapist to tell as long as the client gives his/her permission. Sometimes you can ask your parent(s) to come in with you and all three (or more) can talk.

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    It must feel good that the conflict got somewhat resolved. I would agree with some of the above statements that many *b/dl activities involve risk and telling parents are a make or break decision. I am still unsure about how the therapist got involved because it felt that a decision was forced upon. Somewhat good result at the end though.

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