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Thread: Argument over bedwetting, some advice please

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    Default Argument over bedwetting, some advice please

    Sorry people, I don't want to sound like a whiny baby about this, but I just had a argument with my partner, see or though she is supportive about my ABDL side she wants me to go see my doctor next week and tell him about my bedwetting and I really don't want to, I mean first of all it only happens occasionally once maybe twice per week and secondly I wear Nappies to bed so what's the big deal, I have tried reasoning with her, but with no success I feel like she is bullying me into it without taking my feelings into account, not sure what to do about this delicate situation, some input would be great, but please be nice feeling a bit fragile. T-T

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    She's probably concerned about you and just wants to make sure that nothing is actually wrong that could be causing it. At best, the message you're sending is that you don't care about yourself. At worst, that her concerns and opinions mean nothing to you.

    Is it really that much of a burden to actually see someone and get a clean bill of health? Why exactly do you not want to go?

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    I don't know what your history with this is but I'll tell you that if I was wetting the bed once or twice a week, I'd be off to the doctor right away.

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    Are you a little bit embarrassed about it...I know I would. And since you're managing it ok with night nappies I guess it's not worrying you....actually it probably feels nice, being a little and all. I think though she's probably just worried about you cause she cares. Just keep talking it out with her and maybe if your situation gets worse or any accidents happen at other times then you should really see someone.

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    I would see a doctor about the bed wetting, advised by your partner or otherwise. It is better to let wetting be optional if possible. You might thank me later. Many ABDLs on this site are IC in some way and most if not all of them wish that they weren't.

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    I have some questions before I can give you any advice:

    What is her argument for you to go to the doctor, and what is your argument against? What is her objection to you dealing with your IC with diapers, and do you like wetting the bed / wearing nappies for your bedwetting?

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    Her argument is she does not like the fact I wet uncontrollably, which is understandable, though she does not mind me wearing Nappies, my argument is I have been to the doctors so many times over the last two months for reasons I would rather not go into here, I just can't handle it right now, but it's not to say I won't go at some point, but I just don't have the energy to deal with it right now so waking up wet once or twice I am OK with at the moment, I have had a long history with bedwetting so it's not new to me, I do enjoy wearing Nappies, but at night time far as I'm concerned they just keep the bed dry if and when I wet and that's it. Yes I do find it very embarrassing and don't tend to talk about it, but I figured this would be the best place to talk without a feeling of embarrassment. One point I would like to make clear I do care about myself and I care even more so about my partner's opinions, I just felt like she was bullying me into seeing the doctor. I also appreciate the fact that other people might handle the situation differently to me, it was my mistake posting here.

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    I think this is the classic male vs. female/spouse go to the doctor syndrome. I hate going to the doctors, but on rare occasions, complain to my wife about some ailment. She immediately suggests seeing the doctor, and sometimes goes ahead and makes an appointment. This may be caused by me, having: a persistent cough, itching (which turned out to be shingles), a back ache (which turned out to be a cyst that needed surgery) and the list goes on.

    On the other hand, if you've been to the doctor about this condition, and especially many times, she needs to accept that you have acted upon this, and that she should respect your decision to go to the doctor again, only when it's bothering you enough to warrant the visit.

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    OK so you have seen enough doctors enough times that you have had a full general examination, maybe more than once. Thus taking care of any possibility wetting is connected to prostate issues. Or any important medical problems. She cares, and her anxieties deserve consideration. But really, in the absence of actual medical problems, as long as nappies aren't a problem for you, your privacy and avoiding embarrassment deserve to be respected.

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    There could honestly be something wrong with your bladder, and it's probably best that you do go to the doctor just to make sure there are no internal screw-ups.

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