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Thread: Diaper Dare?!?!!?!?

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    Exclamation Diaper Dare?!?!!?!?

    Pour 500mL of warm water down your diaper, then drink another 2 litre and go out into public for 2 hours, hope you donít have to pee because thereís a good chance it will leak.

    -Elliott Ness

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    Or just put your diaper on inside-out.

    Totally understandable mistake.

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    Drink a bottle of Phospho Soda and head out diapered for a few hours (if you can). See a movie, do some grocery shopping, hang out at a mall for three hours. Better yet, go to your local library and read a book, a whole book, and not one with pictures! I dare you. Good luck, and may the padding be with you.

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    Or shoot yourself in the foot and claim you're a war casuistry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    Or shoot yourself in the foot and claim you're a war casuistry.
    I got shot in the foot BY a war casualty. Does that count?

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