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Thread: Baths or showers?

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    Default Baths or showers?

    As AB/Littles, I would like to ask you something... do you prefer a bath or taking a shower? For me, I do both. I have one of those little hose shower heads I use since I can't stand for long periods of time, so I have to actually sit in the tub a lot. I find it easier than standing up.

    What about you? Is it different for you as an AB/little?

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    I have a desire to be bathed, i want someone to give me a bubble bath or at least play with me in a bubble bath (be it caretaker or little friend), but I've never had the pleasure of experiencing it ~ as a result, i primarily shower :P its better at "getting the job done"

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    Bath 100% I love it when my gf helps me wash my hair, makes me feel small/little.

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    I take a shower.
    I live in a RV.
    If i set down in the tub in my RV it would take the fire department to get me out.

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    I shower
    I live in a RV as well and it has no tub really wish it did after working a 14 hour shift it would be nice to soak

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    I like both, tho sadly my home has no bathtub.
    Only time I get to take a bath is when I go to a con.
    Tho I have a rubber ducky with me for those times.

    Still shower a lot at cons cause its quicker, more so after suiting.

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    Hi there
    Shower for me in and out in the quickest time and it saves water too.

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    Showers are like money; a necessary evil

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    I usually take a bath, but lately I've been taking showers too.

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    I'm one of those persons that enjoys a hot bath with candlelight and a book, from time to time. Usually on weekends, when I've got nothing do to, but other than that I take a shower everyday at least in the morning.

    I can't really tell if enjoying a bath has something to do with my little side, but it has been that way since... ever ;-). My parents have struggled to get me out of there usually, I enjoyed it way too much. Funnily it had nothing to do with feeling clean, still isn't - a bath is relaxing for me and a shower in the morning to wake up. But anyway I also stayed all day long in the garden playing with some friends all covered up in mud, in my childhood.

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