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    Default Bambino Diapers/Dry 24/7

    Ok....... What is up with these two companies. Can't order. They're not updating their website. I send Bambino an email over a week ago, I hear nothing back. I finally decided to email Dry 24/7 and I didn't hear back but Bambino finally got back to me the day I sent that email to dry 24/7. Both are out of diapers and making upgraded changes. Are they owned together??? Strange..

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    Don't know if their jointly owned which I doubt. I know Dry 24/7 has out of production for about a year now. They supposably moving their production
    from Israel to the US. As far as I know they haven't started production yet. I've give up on them. I've never used Bambino products. I switched to
    Absorbency Plus level 4's sold by XP Medical. Gary has already sold out his first production run and will be shipping more on 2-7-14.

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    Here is what is posted on XP Medical on Dry 24-7 Diapers
    Thank you for your patience!

    Dry Care is at the final stages before launching our new Made in USA product.
    We are projecting for sales sometime in January 2014.

    We understand how frustrating this has been for you and hope you understand that
    we are not willing to launch a less than perfect product.

    2014 Upgraded Product Line!

    We have invested our utmost on our Upgraded product line.
    We hope that you will appreciate the product and it's performance.

    Slim is In, Our new discreet, compact Dry 24/7 line has finally become a reality.
    You will be amazed by the absorbency of this product!

    Due to the new state of the art raw materials used we were able to reach
    maximum absorbency at minimal bulkiness.

    This is an outstanding product to have when you don't want
    anyone to notice a bulge before it is even used.

    We hope that you will appreciate all the effort we have put into
    our amazing new line and don't be fooled by the thinness of this product.

    Though we didn't think it could be done, our new line actually absorbs more than our previous line. So we actually outdid ourselves!
    As always, our customers come first,
    We would love to hear your comments on our new line.
    Please bear with us until January and we hope that you will truly agree that it was well worth the wait.
    Yours Truly, Dry Care Team
    See Depend for the "new Diaper" and how they failed to deliver on a "New and Improved" diaper I smell utter failure I suspect will only try a sample other than that it is back to Abena Abri-Form X-plus It seems that Gary is running low on them(L4) that is I suspect weather related delays on getting the ships into East coast ports so the containers can get to Oxnard California in my opinion

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    @expluswearer, I read that on the dry 24/7 web site as well so thank you. I think you may have a point which I didn't think of on the weather.

    @ oleman72, since they're coming to U.S I wonder if they're connecting with bambino products or something. Something is weird. Or Bambino is waiting for them to launch and they launch theres at the same time. Something is up

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    Default Bambino Diapers/Dry 24/7

    While I don't have proof, my instincts tells me that the regularly occurring stocking problems Bambino is always having MAY be intentional.

    Even if it is insanely frustrating for customers, it may be some kind of screwed up objective of bambino to drive up sudden surges in demand that they no doubt see after a long period of being out of stock.

    As for Dry 24/7? That entire operation reeks of stupidity, from a business's perspective. Their issues seems to genuinely be business mismanagement issues. Who knows...

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    I can't for the new Bambino Diapers they will have a new cotton-like lining material. I hope they will be little thicker. I got an email said that some of their customers were complaining about the little sap balls coming out of the diaper and on their skin. I guess this was one of their big moves to change the lining material. I can't wait for their new diapers. They said it will be in stock middle of March. As for Dry 24/7 diapers they were suppose to have their diapers ready by the middle of February. But who knows at this point they keep pushing back for their diapers to be in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan09 View Post
    Even if it is insanely frustrating for customers, it may be some kind of screwed up objective of bambino to drive up sudden surges in demand that they no doubt see after a long period of being out of stock.
    Or, it may be that adding prints to diapers is costly and hardly anyone who needs diapers wants babyish prints on them so they can only be marketed to AB/DL. Bambino's have always been expensive but always worth the cost in my view.

    Plus that sounds more like a tactic ABU would employ given their history of shady stuff.

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    As for 24/7 which is/was my favorite diaper...

    Business mis management isn't even the tip of the seems to be a complete clusterf*** over there...

    I've all but written them off myself...I used to order several cases from them every month or two...

    Anyhow, as for joint venture...I don't think so...bambino has always run oos quite often...

    Seems thier model is to sell out of everything before getting the next container shipped...then out of stock till it arrives...

    Whial not the best business model, it's the least risk of overstock and long turn products...and i know other businesses that do the same thing...

    If dry care can get thier act together...they may have a small group ready to try them again...but, at this point they have lost most of thier market share already...

    Bambino at least will ship this year...dry care, that's unknown!

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