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    Why does baby oil cause Goodnites to practically disintegrate? It must be some kind of chemical reaction but I don't understand why they would be designed that way instead of having durability like diapers.

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    You haven't said what you mean by "disintegrate," but I'm assuming you mean that the elastic sides are pulling apart.

    Unlike the Pampers kind, Huggies elastic is made entirely of nonwoven fibers. As you are also stretching these somewhat farther than was intended, I'm not surprised that lubricating these fibers with baby oil is allowing them to slide apart.

    Baby diapers are, of course, used with baby oil all the time, but I suspect that's not usually true with pull-ups, and certainly not with GoodNites. Even if it were, they'd probably not be stretched tight enough to come apart.

    I guess the obvious answer would be to keep the oil away from the elastic. Alternatively, if you're on the small side and can wear UnderJams, you might find that they fare better. The Pampers elastic is a strip of rubber with nonwoven covers on each side.

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    it's funny the good nights are bigger thanthe underjams, but that is probably because of the wait I gained during my extended depressiones but often if I wear 1 for a couple hours the side will rip anyway or if not holes will appear in the sides, but that is probably because of the weight I gained.

    I think the under jams have cuter graphics though

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    well, for starters, putting baby oil in your diapers is not a proper procedure; ive seen many ABDLs do this and i cant fathom WHY. Baby oil is meant to be rubbed into the skin and absorbed by the skin all over your body - the intention of baby oil is to promote moisture on a babies body after a bath, as shampoo can cause skin dryness (which for a baby is problematic, not so much for adults, although it does happen to adults from time to time which is why a lot of adults also use baby oil) and allows the babies skin to also be smooth ~ because it promotes moisture, its unwise to use in the area that is going to be diapered because it will cause a rash as that area is meant to REPEL moisture caused by pee. I can guarantee you that it will cause Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, etc. any diaper to disintegrate, as it is not meant to come in contact with a diaper. Though to be honest with you, a lot of people refrain from using baby oil because it has many acne causing ingredients, and nothing sucks more than acne "down there"... so if you're using baby oil before diapering up... I would recommend for your own sake to consider switching to something else lol especially since our intimate areas are more prone to bacteria and acne :S

    Baby lotion has the same effect only its not as effective in locking in moisture as baby oil is, in fact its common practice to apply baby oil DURING a bath and babylotion AFTER a bath so that the lotion is locked in by the oil (kinda like coating a piece of chicken breast in flour and then dipping it in egg so that the egg stays attached to the flower, which in turn stays attached to the chicken and allows for breading). However ,baby lotion can be used on the diaper area because lotion is pretty much an application of moisturizer, while oil is simply meant for smoothness and for holding the moisture. Baby lotion in the diaper area will be absorbed quickly by the skin so as to avoid damp or humid conditions in a diaper.

    This is where baby powder comes in ~ baby powder is kind of the "breading" in this scenario, if you happen to put baby lotion on your diaper area, baby powder will ensure that the skin stays moisturized, but that any moisture that comes out is repelled from the skin. Diaper rash cream also has the same effect and I've also heard works better than baby powder (i personaly have used baby powder for years with success).

    BLAMO - diapering product procedure explained in scientific detail ;D

    Of course... if you were just curious and decided to put baby oil in a goodnites to satisfy your minds hunger for science:

    Baby oil is made from petroleum substance that works as a "liquid plsatic wrap" perse, which makes anything cloth-like become water repellent instead of absorbant. So on cloth diapers, while it might not make them deteriorate, it will give them a coating that will make them ineffective. Now lets assume for a moment that disposable diapers are not made with cloth (which technically they arent), the wood pulp (meant for absorption) mixed with baby oil (technically un-absorbable[not a word but you get the point lol]) will cause a chemical reaction almost like oil separating in water. So if you mix pee, baby oil, and wood pulp, the dipaer will have a respective "mind fuck" and collapse on itself. Seeing as baby oil is still a liquid (albeit a non-water liquid) its a self-defeating liquid, so the diaper abosrbs a liquid that cannot be absorbed by wood pulp and BOOM ~ chemical reaction ^_^ This is all hypothesis and theory really, as I cannot find any information in relation to mineral oil and disposable diaper deterioraton.

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    I always use baby lotion and occasionally use baby oil, and they have not deteriorated my Goodnites. I agree that the procedure is to put the lotion or oil on the skin, and to not overdo it.

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