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Thread: Which is more comfortable?

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    Default Which is more comfortable?

    I was wondering what is more comfortable, depends diapers, tena diapers, or I think they were called assurance diapers.

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    depends are comfy (to me at least since i havn't tried many others) i have the protection ones with tabs but am yet to use them i'll post back once though and put in my two cents

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    if we're talking store brands ~ I'd also have to go with Depends. The Tena underwear is loose and not very confident feeling, and the assurance briefs are just absolutely terrible. Depends all the way (until you can get something better)

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    Yeah, Assurance is the only adult diaper I've tried and they're not very good... They're better than nothing, but not very thick and the padding also gets bunched up.

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    I was thinking of getting the ABuniverse ultra variety pack but the shipping and handling put the cost a little high so i wanted to try some that i can get at the store. Thanks for the help.

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    get bambino samples shipping is included in the price. Though right now you might be out of luck and might be only able to get samples of Abenas and Molicares as the rest are out of stock... unless you're Size L. You can also try a Tena sample, but I honestly think they're not worth the price bambino charges.

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    The only one of those 3 diapers I've tried is depends and I absolutely hated them. Granted, they were the first ever adult diaper I'd worn, so that was cool. But it didn't take very long for them to get clumpy and cold, 2 of the worst feelings when wearing a diaper. I relate the feeling to taking a plastic shopping bag and stuffing it with cotton balls. They felt nice when they weren't used, but they definitely let you know when you needed a change.

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    If theres other brands i can get at the stores around me that you guys think are comfortable ill take any advice. I have Harris Teeter, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart. I would like to be able to get Goodnites, but when i measure myself I have a 37" waist and a 24" leg, i also measured just above my butt and it was 40" right there so i dont think ill fit in them .

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    Also at the moment im only looking for dry comfort. I havent warmed to the idea of actually going in a diaper yet, so im looking for dry comfort.

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