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    Hi all,

    So I got 3 samples of Abri Wings, and they are far different than the plastic backed ones from yesteryear. Sigh. They look interesting, but how do you put them on? I futzed with one til it broke, and as embarrassing as it is for a 40yo, I flummoxed. Can anyone provide detailed instructions please?

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    Abri-Wing and Abri-Wing Special

    Bottom of the page shows you how to put it on in different positions.

    Google its your friend.

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    I have never worn one, but I went to the abena website and they have instructions on how to put them on in different positions. Look on the left had side of the Abena Website

    Looks like polarbear12 and I posted at the same time!

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    Just put on the long "belt" like a belt (velcro's on top of the other belt section)...
    and then pull the nappy from behind between the legs and use the velcro on the front part to attach it on top of the belt.

    it's actually pretty simple... IF YOU GOT the right size... if you can't get the belt to wrap around than they're way too small for you.

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    I bought a case of them when they came out years ago. They are a little tricky to figure out but, once you get the hang of it, you can change into them in a flash. The added bonus is that you don't need to lay or lean on anything to get a good fit. They are perfect for bathroom stall changes.

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    I destroyed them all. Gosh darn it! I pulled first. Sigh. There needs to be a video. I loved these when they were plastic-backed. Wanted Memory a buncha L3 stuffers. Not bad when you think about it...

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