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Thread: Hairy guys, yes/no?

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    Default Hairy guys, yes/no?

    Don't know about anyone else, buy when I see the many hundreds of photos of a guy in a diaper and hairy legs, I find it rather disgusting.

    I have to shave it all off myself to feel "right" in a diaper. Got a guy's body shaver for the job and shave it all off (including "down there" ). Feels so much better getting rid of all that pointless man hair.

    Anyone else think this way or is hairy okay when seeing someone in (or you are wearing) a diaper?

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    I hate having hair legs or hairy anything. Personally I only want hair on my head, it seams worthless every where else considering those areas are clothed most of the time.

    But I don't hate it enough to shave them every 2 or 3 days. <_>

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    I keep the diaper area trimmed, it helps with clean up and smell. As for legs, if I shaved my legs, then I would feel that I have to get rid of the hair on my chest, and then my arms would have hair on them, so I would feel the need to shave that.

    It would be a domino effect, if you will.

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    Well... I prefer to look at pics of girls in diapers. Shapely 18+ shaved too not the hippie type I grew up with. I trim well "down there" but no girls have complained about the rest of my body hair. OK one wanted to cut my ponytail, she is not welcome here no more.


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    I love just the opposite. As a DL, I guess I like the incongruity of a diaper and hairy legs. Nothing off-putting about it at all.

    What I don't like is facial hair on a diaper-wearer, especially goatees. Goatees are so over.

    Edit: I like to keep my diaper area trimmed, but not to the skin. I have a Phillips groomer.
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    I find a simple solution to this: avoid male diaper pictures! Oh yeah, I'm straight. So that helps. But to the topic, I don't fancy mustached ladies.

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    I am a hairy well ugh, yes hairy chest, but with my legs due to my hair been fair I am lucky it really does not look like i have hair

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    mmm... nothing like a diaper sticking out of a body shaped fur forest... yuk :P

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    I'm a guy. I have hairly legs. Deal with it . But no, I don't see any problem with it. But I don't go looking for pictures of guys in diapers either.

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    Frankly, I am not too fond of body hair on either sex (obviously not women, but not men either!). On the somewhat rare occasion when I have looked at people in diapers, I find hairy man legs to be a major turn off. If the legs are shaved, then I find it much nicer to look at, so I prefer hairless to hairy for sure.

    As for myself, I am not all that hairy, at least not yet, so shaving any unusual part of my body has not been necessary. I'm hoping it will stay that way. As of yet, I have not shaved any part of my body besides my face, though I have been a little tempted despite my lack of much hair.

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