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Thread: I-D Expert Slip (General Availability) review

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    The I-D Expert Slips are (apprently) the products replacing the Euron Slips (A product I'm annoyed I've completely missed) but the change is not really bad. I did order some Euron Slips and the I-Ds turned up instead so obviously Eurons are becoming scarce. They come in packages of 28 (4 more than in a package than Tena Slips Maxis) and they're quite thick meaning the package is unhelpfully long - concerning storage space for me it was a problem. The nappies are like Molicare nappies but with thinner wings, however the unbendiness of the 'shell' (as I like to call it) could prove annoying unless it's your cup of tea. They rustle more than Molicares and also rustle more than Flufsans (another nappy I've reviewed if you're wondering), infact when wearing dry - and this is walking or in bed - they are rustling constantly. They are plastic backed (Yes!!!!!!!!!!) but the plastic is disappointing in feel - not even as good as Molicare plastic - but that might just be me. Absorbtion wise they are very good - I did 3 full-bladder wettings before losing my nerve and changing...they hadn't leaked but I'm not the sort of person who wants to leak. As a sequel to that bit about absorbtion yes the absorbtion is good but word of warning clumping can occur after the second wetting, really significant clumping, in conclusion sometimes you'll end up with a nappy that's actually got dry-back-sag/ducktail - this has never happened to me before with other adult nappies and I'm going to go through the whole bag and file away in my head what happens. When it comes to look they're heavy on advertising, they are close to Tena Slip Maxis (which if you know me from earlier posts you'll know are my fave'!) which let's face it when you're wearing a Tena Slip you're basically sporting a wearable billboard...I'm going off-track again! They have about half the amount of logos in comparisson to a Tena Slip. They are available in Europe, it's very likely they're available in America and they are available in the UK - word of warning the website is (well it was for me) both a headache and a mindfield of possible viruses - through pharmacutical companies. I really wanted some - the fact the Eurons were going spurred me - and I used an internet and wharehouse based pharmacutical company based in Scotland. Now I live about three hours away from Portsmouth so you won't be surprised to hear they took ages to arrive however in a review this fact is not important. I can't remember the exact price but it didn't make me feel faint at the time of purchasing so that can't be a bad thing. In conclusion they are a good nappy, they're not as good as Molicare's but until Molicare releases a white plastic-backed version of it's heavily favoured classic...these are a dream come true in that respect. Finally they are not wonderful but as my supply of Tena Slips dwindles these nappies are one's I will remember. bringmesunshine

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    Two quick extra things: They're actually called ID Expert Slips (no hyphen), and the wings don't have a lot of stretch in them. bringmesunshine

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