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Thread: Kendama ;)

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    Talking Kendama ;)

    Anyone else into kendama!?! (Japanese ball in cup wooden toy)

    Here are some links to some popular kendama sites, if you have no idea what it is.

    And if you do play, how long have you had a kendama? What kind (color ect)? How skilled are you? (Triple lighthouse flip anyone?)

    Just wondering if anyone else plays xD!

    Personally: I have had my kendama for about 3 weeks, I am pretty confident in juggling but haven not gotten to advanced yet (1/10 lighthouseing) I currently own a red TK-16 Master kendama, overall, SO much fun .

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    I had one before and it was great toy... for a few hours.

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    Genis Sage.
    For the win.

    He uses a kendama as a weapon in Tales of Symphonia. ^.^
    Ever since I played it I've wanted to learn how to use one.

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