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Thread: Tips for messing?

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    Default Tips for messing?

    Does anyone have any tips for messing/ cleanup?

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    (I think this is going to count as grapic content!) It all depends what type of stool you want to pass. If you want to diarrhea then just eat too much, this happened to me once with a pizza - my eyes were too big for my belly but Captain Idiot didn't want to look like a food-pussy (We're Men! We can eat so much!). I ate too much and in no time at all I suffered an uncontrollable diarrhea attack - basically in public - and I was even nappied! No nappies nearby either but 1. It got me thinking and 2. If you want to diarrhea this could be the method you use. If you want to stool solid don't eat too much but let 'waste' build up 'downstairs', when 'they' reach a cirtain size they slide out with no trouble and little pushing. I don't mess often though that said for me it's not rare - definetly once every two weeks I can guarantee that but sometimes the size of the deposit is not impressive. Anyway I feel like I've just been a bit me-centric and you want some info'. For diarrhea eat too much and wait, your body will do the rest and the wait proberbly won't be long, for solid stool let the waste build up. Hope this helps. bringmesunshine p.s I love messing lying down, it's the babyish approach (almost the only babyish thing I do coz I'm DL) and it doesn't make the whole proceedure do you fill a nappy if you don't mind me asking, do you lie down, squat-stand or just stand you even take it to the extreme of messing in a nappy while walking along. Finally are you actually a messer or do you want to start?

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    as far as making it happen I turn the question around and ask how can I keep it from happening at the worst possible time. As far as the mess do you have access to a shower? This is the only way in my opinion to clean up and not have a lingering smell.

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    Clean up = Shower. Anything less is just disgusting. =U.U=

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    I'm assuming you either have never messed or have but not very often? The first key is definitely being prepared for both the diapering and the clean up. I'm no expert, but I've definitely done it a time or two(or a lot more than two). You want to be sure to powder up, and if you plan on being in it a while (some people like this, I do not) use some desitin when you put your diapee on to make it less prone to diaper-rash. Be sure that you have some good quality, and full size wipes. And if you're really afraid of your own excrement maybe some gloves. I've found that the best way to go about clean up is to clean up while squatting over a toilet, then shower to be sure I'm completely clean down there. Use the wipes to clean up the majority of the mess. They do a good job, but I'm never satisfied. If you have wipes that aren't made for adults I would definitely use the gloves, especially if the wipes are from a discount brand(they tend to be very small). Just to keep from getting anything where you don't want it to be. Just be prepared and the whole process is much more enjoyable (if it's something you're into to begin with of course)

    As far as the actually messing's not as easy as it sounds. The first time is definitely the hardest. Your body has not wanted to have this kind of thing clinging to it since probably before you can remember. I've found that laying down is one of my favorite positions, but squatting a little bit like a toddler would, or being in the crawling position is probably your best bet if you're a first timer. It will take some pushing. I would suggest either holding it until you know you can't last much longer and then pushing or just pushing in small bursts until you feel it's ready to unload completely. Obviously the more desperate your bowels are the easier it is at first, but it's not healthy to hold it forever, and if you're familiar with your body you probably know when you can and can't go. You also don't want your diaper to be too tight. Sometimes even a looser diaper won't give you room to completely relieve yourself, and it feels best when you can in fact finish this process fully. Other than that just have fun. The clean up process will not be fun, so enjoy yourself before and during your experience because if you have to change yourself it can take some time and effort until you get the hang of it. Just my

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    Many people say that the pleasure of messing isn't worth the hassle of the cleanup but I disagree - it really isn't much hassle if you're organised and prepared for it.

    I always used to insist on showering or using the bidet when cleaning up a BM, or my favourite which I set up in my old house was a combined shower / squat toilet where I could just hose off all the mess with warm water in seconds. Since switching to 24/7 for everything, I have had to get better at cleanup with wipes only, because around half of my messy nappies have to be changed away from home.

    It's possible to do a perfect cleanup remarkably quickly with just wipes, if you are methodical and fastidious. A recent improvement in my routine has been to carry out all the messy steps in the process sitting on the toilet, minimising the chance of mess getting anywhere it shouldn't. I use flushable everything, including a nappy liner, so that 99.9% of the waste and anything soiled gets flushed away. This is the sequence:

    1. Put seat cover on toilet. Position wipes within easy reach.
    2. Untape and remove nappy. Flushable liner stays stuck on bum.
    3. Sit on toilet, peel off liner with most of solid waste and flush.
    4. Wipe off worst of remainder with flushable hand towels and flush.
    5. Start getting clean with flushable wet wipes.
    6. When wipes are coming away with minimum visible soiling, stand up and flush wipes and seat cover.
    7. Start wiping whole nappy area with baby wipes. These aren't flushable so put them in the nappy for disposal. Like the nappy itself, they're really just wet, not messy.
    8. Clean entire nappy area thoroughly, working towards the back so as not to spread any remaining traces of soiling. When all seems clean, do it again for safety!

    Worst case, if I've done something that has really spread out, it's 5-8 mins start to finish. If it's firm and still in one neat lump, 3-5 mins. I don't find it a chore, it's all part of the messy fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paxe View Post
    Many people say that the pleasure of messing isn't worth the hassle of the cleanup but I disagree - it really isn't much hassle if you're organised and prepared for it.
    Basically my take on it. I don't do anything all that special, nor is cleanup all that stressful. I don't use a liner or anything, though; I just mess the diaper. It's important to do that in a room that can be vented thoroughly and quickly, though, since it really does smell awful. I suppose I don't have to say that you should also have a guarantee of having the house to yourself for while before doing this (but I did anyway :P ).

    I also recommend using some kind of barrier cream since rashes are no picnic.

    For cleanup, I lay down an old towel on the floor of the bathroom and lie down on it, undo the diaper; wipe with wipes; roll wipes up in the diaper, put the whole thing in the trash (sealed air-tight either in a Ziploc or a grocery bag); shower+washcloth, garbage out, put the towel & washcloth in the laundry, and I'm done.

    No difficulty, no stress and it can be pretty fun.

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    Well, my experience with trying it immediately turned to "This is gross. And NOT worth it." Some people enjoy it, but I don't enjoy that aspect of diaper wearing so I don't do it. Your mileage may vary. Sometimes things sound great until you try them, then immediately don't.

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    I only mess at home so shower time it is after every change where I'm messy. Shower head on a hose is a must for this I find, and also it has to have a power jet setting. If you can't fit one to your shower/bath cubicle, get a cheap one that goes over an existing shower head or bath spout.
    Another thing I can't be without for cleanups is a small mirror so you can check to make doubley sure you haven't missed anything :3

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    Messing can be fun & gross at the same time. If the "urge" strikes me I'll let er rip and deal with the clean up within an hour or so. Dry or semi solid poo is easily cleaned up backed up & bent over to a mirror with a few baby wipes. Hangover diarrhea requires a shower & a strong stomach.

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