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    I'm trying to get into Parkour to prep for the coming golf season. Any teachers here?

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    Wait... What?

    I'm missing the correlation between parkour and golf. lol

    I haven't personally done parkour, but I know it's one of those things that you almost definitely have to be taught. Maybe not every step of the way, but you better learn how to properly land, roll and tumble before you start branching out to do dangerous stuff. If you can't find an instructor, look for a gymnastics class. If you can get the safe landings out of it, the other parkour stuff is about timing, momentum, creativity and practice.

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    I think he was kidding.

    I really hope that someone opens parkour gyms where kids can learn how to do it in a safe environment.

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    Strength flexibility, coordination, timing, and problem solving are important in golf also

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    I've played a bit of golf. I would describe myself, as lewis black would put it, "merely shitty" (as compared to "less than shitty").

    My experience is that most problems in golf can be solved by hitting the ball in a direction towards the hole, such that it lands closer to or in said hole.

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