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Thread: First Pacifier Experiance

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    Default First Pacifier Experiance

    I know there are severa pacifier threads so I am trying to make it different from the others as best I can.

    So today (litterally an hour ago) I just bought my first pacifier ever! Actually a pack of two Nuk 3's (silicon), a red white and blue one and a white and red one. I just got home and popped on in my mouth, and OMG! This is sooo soothing, beyond what I imagined. When I put it in my mouth the first thing I realized is how smooth it felt on my tongue. Then I started sucking and I just felt a sense of relaxation and a bit of baby-ness feeling. It is truely a good feeling, so now I am just sitting here suckin my paci. I am about to get padded up, the two together will probably be awesome as I can only imagine.

    So overall ta paci is 100 times better than a thumb, and well worth the $5.80 I paid for it.

    So my question to you all is, can you remember your first paci experiance after having it taken away as a child/toddler? If so, then what do you remember of it, where were you, and how did it make you feel?

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    First I got I think was from Babies'R'Us. Winnie the Pooh it was. A bit small, but did the job. Great buzz getting it, but I also got a pack of baby bottles and a pack of Drynites at the same time. Rushed through the till trying not to look at anyone and rushed home.

    Later I got some Nuk "maxi trainer" (aka size 4) which are perfect size and look great (coloured unlike the dull white size 5).

    Gone off them a bit as I get mouth sores sometimes, but if I suck on one at bedtime I find it's still there in the morning and I've often forgotten about it!

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    yea make SURE you hide it in the morning. The first time i went to get diapers i knew i left it in my bed and i was talking to my mom on my cellphone and she was complaining about how cold it was in the house and she said oh its beacuse your windows was open and i heard a window shut and i just about had a heart attack. luckley it was about 3 inches under my pillow. real close one though.

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    Glad to hear your first experience was a good one. I can't exactly say the same for mine.

    My first paci was from one of my local pharmacies. I was so flustered when I went in there that I bought a Nuk 1. Needless to say, it was much too small and not very enjoyable. The next time I went to buy a pacifier, I knew the way the sizing worked and I got myself a Nuk 3, I think at Target. That was a much better experience. I've been somewhat hooked since, mostly on Nuk 3s, since those seem to be the best I can easily get my hands on.
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    Hmmm I don't remember my first pacifire experience but I remember that I sucked on my thumb alot if that counts. I couldn't sleep without a thumb in my mouth because it helped me sleep during the night. I stoped sucking my thumb when I was about 5 or 6 yrs. old I stopped sucking my thumb after noticing my tooth marks in my thumb and forced myself to stop. Now currently I suck on a paci.

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    I definitely agree on the relaxation part, but the first time for me was not terribly special. Still, they have a soothing quality.

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    I want a paci T.T *crys* Im to freaking worried about who will see me get one or it being discoverd.

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    Thanks for the congrats for those who congratulated me!

    Dangermouse: They have BabiesRus in UK? I never knew that.

    Moaby: Yeah...I brought it downstairs to watch tv last night and almost forgot to bring it up....that would have been bad if I forgot it down there. My parents know about the diapers but not the ab side. -_-

    Secretsquirel: It is a LOT easier to buy a paci than diapers.

    Also I wanted to note on something while I got the paci, I was in a Giant Grocery Store and of course the pacis were in the same isle as baby diapers and adult diapers surprisingly. Anyways I notice all the large underjams were gone for the boys and noticed only one pack left in large for the girls! But there were plenty of goodnites. This made me wonder multiple things, how come there were so many small underjams left, you would think they go quicker, cause my logic is, the smaller the size the more amount of bedwetters that need them since the younger the more bedwetters there are. Made me wonder if there was a huge increase in preteen bedwetters, or maybe there were a handful of *b/dl's close to my house I was unaware of.

    I don't know I just thought that was really interesting when everything was like fully stocked but large boy and girls underjams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Dangermouse: They have BabiesRus in UK? I never knew that.
    Yeah. We've had Toys'R'Us for years anyway and then they started doing Babies'R'Us. Most are in or joined to a Toys'R'Us store anyway.

    We even have Walmart... of a sorts (they own Asda now). Though they don't have anywhere near the same range as a decent Walmart.

    And sadly no Target over here with those wonderful older kids footed PJs (footed PJs are just literally for babies over here).

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