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Thread: ATN tranquility diaper/ urine smell

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    Default ATN tranquility diaper/ urine smell

    So when I got up today I put on my atn diaper and wore it for a while and then wet it and when I changed and got rid of the diaper ( I threw it in the garbage outside), but the smell won't go away it is lingering, I cleaned myself after taking it off

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    for some reason i had that problem with my sample pack, and will probably never order them again

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    What kind of smell is it? I ask because iv thought about ordering some.

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    When you wet it and take it off and out of the house, there is a really strong urine smell and a diaper smell, in all honesty I wouldn't order some, but if you do, buy a sample pack first

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    Well, I've had the same thing happen with other brands too. Urine can take on different odors and potencies depending on diet and dilution. It could have been that you happened to be strong that day.

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    I've also noticed that ATNs have a very strong chemical smell. I think it's part of their "odor control" peach mat technology.

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    I find the ATNs control odor better than most others, especially Abenas that seem to add their own fug to every wet diaper.

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