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Thread: That one thing.

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    Post That one thing.

    This is one of those response threads where a simple question is asked but the answer can be very complex.

    What is the one thing that has always proven itself to be true in your life and why?
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    Yes, I'm the one who was wearing the camera...

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    No one is going to hand you something for nothing. If you want it, work for it.

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    One, that I'm a girl. It's a constant in my life I can't escape. I know that's a very transgirl thing to say, but it's just honest.

    Otherwise though, honestly.. that people are beautiful. I know that not everyone has my same experience with people, but I just.. really love people. ^_^

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    Even a single word can change the course of one's life.

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    Matters of truth are relative to one's perspective. I will elaborate when I have more time to sit and write a bit.

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    You can trust only your self!

    Everyone else has thought just of themselves in the end.

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