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Thread: Where's the AB/BabyFur scene?

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    Default Where's the AB/BabyFur scene?

    So, I'll put a disclaimer here so this thread isn't taken the wrong way:
    This is not a personal or anything and shouldn't be taken like it. I'm not really seeking out specific people to meet up with, just making an inquiry.

    I'm considering moving, and I have a lot of options as to where I can move. I'm now 19 and I've dropped out of college to, essentially, pursue music full time. I can basically move anywhere. Essentially, I'm trying to find where the strongest babyfur scene is outside of new england. I've heard Seattle and the outlying areas has a very strong babyfur presence. Anywhere else?

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    Seattle does seem to be pretty good for this. Our local furcon is very BF friendly as a result. I would guess that most big cities would be solid spots to check but of course the cost of living will be generally higher.

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    There are quite a few of us in Michigan, many of them are on here...
    Here in kalamazoo, i'm pretty much in con central, with 4 cons within 3 hours of me.

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    I have had lots of luck here in Anchorage and our music seen is great as well.

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