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Thread: Stop nappies making loud sound?

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    Default Stop nappies making loud sound?

    So I sometimes wear nappies around the house (only when no one is around!)
    But I was wondering if there is anything you can wear over the top of the nappies to stop the sound they make or make them a little less noisy?

    I read something a while back about wearing some sort of running pants that are real tight or something similar!?

    Any suggestions?

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    You have the right idea, but I can't say that tight pants would be comfortable lol. If I want to cut down on the noise I have a couple of pairs of boxer briefs that do the job.
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    1. wearing tight pants will stop the noise, but will make it impossible to hide the bulk LOL

    2. The noise is only really there because you are wearing nothing over it, and you are in a quiet setting. If you were to wear diapers out in public, no one would be able to hear it because even the ambient sound of the environment masks the crinkle sound. The only way you would hear it is in a bathroom because sound-waves bounce off the ceramic tiles. I've noticed that wearinganything at all over your diaper is sufficient enough to mask the crinkling sound, unless you are wearing one of the following: ABU diapers (of any kind), Unique Wellness Briefs, or Aww So Cute diapers ~ all three of these are MASTERS at the art of crinkling lol so for these you might want to wear a thicker layer of clothing, maybe another form of underwear over your diaper and then your pants or whatever you choose to wear that day.

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    If you're alone, the crinkle is a feature and not a bug. I find that jeans tend to hold well enough, even if they are not particularly tight to reduce the crinkle to a not very noticeable level. I think we're the ones who notice it most, being tuned to the frequency as it were.

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    When I was working I wore regular underware over the diaper to cut the noise. Now I'm retired I don't care.

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    The crinkle is half the fun! :O

    But if you wear something like tight boxer shorts it both dulls the noise and provides cover if your t-shirt lifts up, plus they're already likely to be in your underwear draw.

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    A diaper cover works. Cloth or PUL does a good job of masking the sound. (That said, it'll increase the bulk, while reducing the actual profile. Basically, your butt may look bigger than normal.)

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    Compression shorts/underwear work very well, are cheap, and available at most of the big-box type stores that sell everything including clothes. With those over top, nothing moves of makes much noise!

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    You are probably thinking it is a lot louder than it really is, honestly.

    The Abena bodystockings will conceal bulk and noise though.

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    Underarmour works very well. They have good compression shorts. You could also get a good pair of jogging pants. No one will never notice the noise difference.

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