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Thread: L4 cloth backed in public?

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    Default L4 cloth backed in public?

    I am looking for something I can discreetly wear in public with hook and loop tabs so I can use the potty when I need to #2 and sometimes #1 when I don't feel like using the diaper. I thought the Abenas would be a great choice, but reading more, it sounds like they are pretty thick! Any opinions?

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    If you want a discreet diaper that is reasonably thick and that you can take off and put on without worry, try the unique wellness Superio briefs

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    the m4 is pretty thick and may feel a bit too thick if you have tight pants on, they are great at night under pajamas and you don't care. If a puffy diaper is your biggest worry then you might want to go with m3 cloth back. They are not as thick but still have an adequate absorption for daytime use. I use m3 plastic back now but have to change when these run out, I might switch to the cloth but I really like plastic.

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    Moicano, I started to wear Abri-Form M4's 24/7 2 weeks ago and I can say they are not sooooo thick to wear in public as I thought. Maybe they can make some unwanted "extra" bulge in the front, but there's nothing out of the world. As Coboy says, you might try some tight pants.
    Unfortunately, my last shipment of M4 was cloth backed, so I got a bit disappointed with that. ._.
    Very thirsty diapers tho.

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    Let me just say, and not everyone agrees, that nobody is paying attention to your crotch/butt area. Don't wear super right clothes and you'll be fine with whatever (no cloth though, that would be too much)

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    I was wearing an Abena XL4 underneath a pair of boxers while talking to my suite mate for two hours. He did not notice.

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    I would not use the cloth backed Abenas for being discreet. Also the tabs aren't really hook and loop and tend to stretch out over time.

    What comes to mind when you say discreet and easy to undo to use the toilet is the Tena Flex. I have never tried this one but it's supposed to be good, even though its more of a belted diaper.

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    If its any help: I'm wearing Total Dry Plus at work, and I wear very tight flared jeans - its totally silent in here that you can hear a pin drop, but the crinkle is suppressed by my jeans and you can't see the bulk almost at all. So maybe you can look into Total Dry Plus ~ they aren't nearly as absorbent as Abenas, but they're decent. I've also worn Tena Slip to work, they're thin and good performance ~ but they're more crinkly than Total Dry Plus and way more expensive.

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    Cloth backed Abenas should be stealthy enough for wearing in public. They really don't make that much noise, it's only noticeable if you're listening for the sound (as we tend to). They are not incredible if you're looking for a diaper that's easy to take off to use the toilet. The tapes are double layered for the purpose of refitting the diaper if it can still be worn after ~6 hours or so. I suppose technically you could untape to use the toilet or slip it around your legs, but you would have to practice refitting the Abena L4 to ensure that it still effectively serves it's purpose afterwards.

    If there are better options for daytime diapers in terms of ease of refitting, I haven't tried them. To reiterate, they would be fine in terms of stealth but difficult in refitting.

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    Another vote for the Abena L3 that is my go to diaper for wearing out in public.

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