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Thread: Medicaid Diaper Shake down

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    Default Medicaid Diaper Shake down

    Medicaid Overpays Millions for Diapers | Washington Free Beacon

    Check it out. Looks like they're gonna put the kabash on diapers for people on Medicaid. I doubt any of us here are on that US program...but I wonder if they'll look to Medicare next? They suggested competitive bidding from suppliers as a solution: wonder what that will do to the quality of diapers attainable by those on these programs. Can't imagine it will fare well.

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    Well First off Medicare does not provide coverage for any incontinence supplies. Trust me I am on it and I have tried to get them to help me out cause my income is so limited.

    I used to get diapers from medicaid when I had it. The first year I got plastic back diapers(I forget the Brand) but then the second year they said that it was to expensive to supply so they started doing the cloth backed. The breathable attends were the best I could get and they suck. Keep in mind that the attends that are sold on most sites are not the same as the ones they supply medical facilities and homes with. They are so thin and uncomfortable.

    But looking at that article I think that had they done some competitive bidding and such they could go with a better quality diaper for patients. I find it so frustrating that the insurance companies can cover everything else but diapers. I mean come on it is a big issue and they know it. Ah well such is the life of an incontinent.

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    Competitive bidding is already firmly in place here in Michigan. J and B medical supplies is the exclusive distributor for Medicaid. The products are… Okay. They are not good by any stretch. We on Medicaid need to be reminded that we really aren't people until we contribute. At least I think that that's what they're trying to tell us. And to some point I agree. Still. I would prefer to have an certain allocation of funds, and pick up my own supplies. I could save them and me money.

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    it's corruption, as per usual, isn't it? and fundamentally so, with the able-bodied in roles which are best suited to the elderly and the infirm. if it were the other way round, there's also be less need for help.
    the rot starts at the top and trickles down. let's see the presidents and the senators digging coal and spuds, and risking life and limb for a pittance.
    bloody parasites!

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