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Thread: Physio supplies not stocking Wellness briefs anymore (Australia)

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    Default Physio supplies not stocking Wellness briefs anymore (Australia)

    As per Title, I just emailed my usual supplier about stocking the newer Superio Wellness and got the reply they weren't even going to stock the normal Wellness brief after there stocks are depleted. Also stated they weren't looking for a replacement, so no more Wellness in Australia!
    Not sure where else to get them here. They weren't a hugely bad nappy but quality control kinda killed them for a while there with really bad pinhole leaks and also a run of really badly made shell with tabs stuck or missing.
    Oh well, Molicares it is for me then :O

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    That's too bad. I have had good experiences with their products until the order before my most recent one (and only a few of the diapers from that order). They appear to have gotten things back on track and I'm liking the Superios so far. I know you guys don't have many choices for plastic outer shell diapers down there, so I hope they can find another distributor. I guess that's a powerful argument for maintaining quality control.

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